Chapter 10

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"Damon was bit by Tyler Lockwood

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"Damon was bit by Tyler Lockwood. He's dying."

Tessa felt her heart stop. Her face paled and tears clouded her vision. 

Damon was-. No. No, she will not let that happen. She will find a cure. She will-,

"Okay," Tessa said looking at Stefan with teary eyes, "Then we find the cure before it's too late."

"Bonnie's said that Klaus has a cure. I'm going to him for it now, but just in case I don't get it," he sighed, "Say goodb-,"

"No. I'm coming with you. You're not going alone," Tessa stated as she grabbed her jacket.

"But-," Stefan argued.

"No Stefan. This is Damon, I'm coming." 

"Hello Kitty Kat," Tessa greeted as the duo entered the apartment.

"Two days, I've been waiting. I'm supposed to be free of Klaus' compulsion by now. He's supposed to be dead," Katherine almost growled.

"We ran into some complications," Stefan said. 


"Yup. Complication one being Klaus is not as bad as we thought and complication 2 being Elijah saving him."

"Klaus, not bad, what the hell are you talking about Tes?"

"He didn't bury his family at sea. At least he has some morals," Tessa said. 

She might despise the hybrid for trying to kill her best friend but was glad that at least he wasn't cruel enough to scatter his family in the ocean. She was glad that Elijah would get his family.

"Doesn't matter," Stefan said when Katherine opened her mouth to say something else. "We just need to find him. Do you have any idea where he might be?"

Katherine pulled him and pinned him against the wall. The sound of the door opening made Tessa's eyes go wide.

"Klaus, you're back," Katherine said. "Look who decided to come for a visit."

Elijah's eyes widened and worry and concern filled his heart as he saw Tessa. 

"You both just keep popping up, don't you," he said sparing the half-angel a smile.

"I need your help," Stefan said as he took a protective step in front of Tessa to hide her from his view. "For my brother."

"Whatever it is, is gonna have to wait. You see, I have an obligation to my brother that requires my immediate attention."

"You understand how important family is or you wouldn't be here," Elijah said to Stefan. "My brother gave me his word that he would reunite me with my own."

"And so I shall," Klaus said before stabbing his brother with a dagger.

Elijah screamed as Tessa made a move to run towards to original, but Stefan grabbed her by her waist to stop her. "Lijah," she screamed.

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