Chapter Four: Rejection

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Hi readers. Sorry about my grammar issues. I suck at grammar for some reason I never grasped it. But here is chapter four. I already have most of chapter five and plan to upload it sometime this week. Some might be in Jebidiah's point of view. What do you guys think of the strange guy? What is happening to Primula?



The cold ice water soaked my clothes leaving me shaking and my teeth chattering. I looked up from the place I was laying to see Danica, the Alpha female and Jebidiah’s mother holding an empty bucket in her hands. She looked pissed; her eyes were burning fire while her nostril flared. Before I could react, she grabbed me by my throat and yanked me to my feet.

“Get your lazy ass up and start cooking. Tonight my son will be finding his mate so we are having a feast. I expect you to make the food delicious or else…” Oh God he really was coming back. I nodded my head and started to walk towards the door. She yanked me back and pushed me against the wall. The back of my head slammed on the concrete; I held it with my left hand as I used the right to push up off the wall and stand up.

“Change out of that.” Danica snarled at me. I looked up at her to see if she would leave and let me change but she didn’t show any sign of leaving. What did I expect – her to leave and give me privacy? Nobody gives me privacy in this pack!

I suppressed a sigh and took off my wet dress in front of her. I sneaked a peek at her. She looked up and down my body and snorted. I didn’t blame her, I was all bones. You could see my ribs and even count them. I was also covered in bruises that were yellow, black blue and purple; I really was at death’s door.

Trying to ignore the Alpha’s female snickering and snorting at my body, I put on another long dress that hanged loose on my frame. The dress was black and reached to my ankles; it basically swallowed me. The moment I was done putting on the dress Danica grabbed my left hand tight and dragged me downstairs not caring if I trip. She pushed me towards the kitchen. My head was about to hit the kitchen counter but I put my hands out to stop the collision.

“You better not mess anything up this time. You are so damn lazy. We don’t ask for much. All we ask for is for you to make breakfast, lunch, dinner, clean the entire mansion, wash the packs’ clothes, dirty dishes, pick up any trash, prepare the ballroom for any party, make sure nothing’s out of place and a few other things. But you couldn’t even finish cleaning the sitting room on the 9th floor today. We feed you, clothed you, and even educated you, yet you are ungrateful. Is doing what we say too much to ask?” She ranted.

Yes, it was too much to ask, I replied in my head. She stopped talking and looked at me as if expecting me to answer her. When I didn’t say anything she snarled at me and said,

“Useless,” before she stomped away. Stomp

I listened to her trudging away and then sighed. I was doing that a lot. I turned towards the kitchen counter to see the ingredients they bought. From what I saw, they wanted me to make steak, mash potatoes and pasta with marinated sauce and chicken as the main course. There were ingredients for salad and flour to make fresh bread.

I knew I also needed to make some type of desert. I decided to make double chocolate cake with strawberries on top as well as cheesecake. I enjoyed cooking, so although the pack torments me, I always make something amazing and delicious for them. Although they have never thanked me for cooking, actually they have never thank me, period, but I knew they enjoyed my cooking because they have never once complained about it.

I always did the cooking when someone important was visiting or something big was happening in the pack. I started by preheating the oven and cleaning the meat and chicken. I hummed to myself while I cooked. I checked on my wolf to find her asleep which meant she did not sense danger.

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