Chapter Twenty Five: A Vicious Cycle

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Sorry the Seers are not in this chapter but it was really necessary. Once the Seers are introduced, things will progress way too fast.



Primula POV

I was sitting on the ground by a small creek, my feet in the water, head lifted up so the warm sunlight could bath on my face. The scene felt nostalgic, like it has happen before but I couldn't remember from where. I dismissed the thought not wanting to think about anything accept to bask in the warmth of the sunlight. I played with the white t shirt I was wearing - it was very strange – I was wearing a long white t shirt, his shirt, but I couldn't change it no matter how hard I try.

This was my dream world, so I could change it to fit how I wanted it to be, but I could not change the shirt I was wearing. It was like an imperfect stain in my perfect world. But in a sense I didn't mind not being able to get rid of the shirt. It was a reminder of why I was in a dream world in the first place. It also reminded me of why I didn't want to leave.

Just thinking about the situation cause my mood to shift and with it the perfect weather I created. In order to keep everything the way I wanted, I needed to keep my mood the same, never changing emotions. I whipped the rainwater from my face and close my eyes trying to think peaceful, calm and serene thoughts. I thought about the ray of the setting sun glowing warm and soothing. I also thought about the day ending and the night starting to show its face.

Now this was my world; a world where nothing change; the day never ending and the night never covering the vast sky with its dark and mysterious black blanket. This was my reality; in here everything made sense. I didn't need to put up a shield. I didn't need shield because nothing could hurt me.

"But you can't stay here." I groan as the sunlight dimmed from my mood going down. So she finally found this place even after all the length I went through to block her. I turned to the silver fox sitting by me and sighed.

"You're determined." I told her. She nodded, accepting my comment.

"You need to go back. Time is running out." Primrose said as she sat next to me gazing in the water.

"For who? Because my time was up long ago."

"Fine. Time is running out for the supernatural world and soon the human world as well."

I let out a deep breath and give up on trying to keep my mood up and watch as darkness started to descend faster.

"Primrose, I don't want to go back there." I told her emphasizing my point.

"Why is that?" She lifted her head from the water and turned to me, waiting for my reply.

I closed my eyes as the sorrow over came me. I heard her whimpered - she probably felt it too, but I didn't open my eyes to acknowledge her.

"Because -" I started - "everything is so different now." Everything was different. After our encounter with Dahaka, my entire world crumbled. Dahaka represented my fate. He might have been mocking me when he told me the possibility of turning into him was inevitable, but I knew deep down that there was some truth to his words. After he killed his human, Dahaka was slowly transformed into the merge form of man and wolf, and it didn't matter if I killed Primrose or not, becoming a lycan was my final fate.

I was beginning to think fate was playing me like a toy. But that was not the only thing that changed. When I saw Jebidiah had come for me, something warm happen inside me. I was so grateful and shock that he didn't abandoned me at that point I forget my previous hatred towards him. In fact to be honest I didn't hate any of them, but I couldn't forgive them either.

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