Chapter Twenty Six - Part Two: Lament of a Vampire

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Here is part two of chapter twenty six. Remember Part One was named 'The Calm' so this is 'The...'

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“I still think my gift was the most amazing.” Krista grumbled but I wasn’t listening to her.


Primula POV

“We should go. You said you sensed the shadows right, are you still sensing them?” Arion asked; he was probably trying to distract me which worked. I became alert, closing my eyes and stilling my thoughts, but I sensed and felt nothing. So what was that I felt at first?

“I don’t sense anything at all.” I told him feeling uneasy. Not sensing them could mean a number of different things. It could mean they have found a way to block me.

“Well, we are only a few hours away so hopefully we get there before anything happens.” Krista said looking happy now. Everyone helped Nereid packed and we were ready to go. I jumped on Arion’s back. If he thought I forgot the ice-cream, he had another thing coming.

“What are you doing? I can carry you.” Jebidiah frowned at me.

“No, if Arion carry me then he will remember to buy me ice-cream as a thank you gift.” They all gazed at me weirdly.

“What?” I demanded.

“Your logic is so twisted,” Zero mumbled. I frowned, not understanding what he meant. They shook their heads and we were off, the atmosphere now more lively and hopeful. Zero and Krista were talking again as they debated what to buy me. I wanted to tell them how much I didn’t care about their gifts but I didn’t want to hurt their feelings.

Jebidiah and Dean were fighting about which car would be the most extravagant and safest to drive while Nereid and Vates talked about portions and herbs.

I gazed away from them squeezing my arms around Arion’s neck. “You are cheerful again.”

He chuckled, “I think there’s hope. I’m not giving up.” I lay my head on his shoulder and bit my tongue. He was finally happy, that’s all that matters. We traveled with no accidents and at certain point everyone burst into songs, singing and dancing the closer we got to the Seers. I was annoyed with them since I couldn’t get any sleep from their horrible voices accept Nereid and surprisingly Jebidiah. He had the most beautiful voice I had ever heard. All in all, it was the most fun I had in my whole life.

When Nereid told us we were about an hour away from the Seers, everyone cheered, jumping up and down. Even I got down from Arion’s back to join the dancing. Krista, Vates, Nereid and I held hands as we skip around imitating any dance move Nereid came up with. The guys laughed at our weird dancing when we didn’t get it right but we were having so much fun to care.

Somewhere in the middle of doing some weird dance, I stopped, finally sensing them! I was bombarded with the most menacing, threatening, and dark aura I have ever felt. It was like they increased in their viciousness. I staggered, breaking our dancing and dropping to my knees not able to sustain the dark hateful feeling. I haven’t felt something this cold and evil since the neutral zone. My body started to tremble as an unimaginable fear slither in my guts, blood and cell.

“Th- they're- here!” I stuttered, looking at the others in horror. There was no way we were going to escape this.

“Run,” Nereid cried to everyone. I sat on the floor watching Jebidiah and Arion racing toward me, but I didn’t move.

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