Chapter Twenty Seven: The Shadows Plan and the Gods Solution

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Primula POV


The arrival of the Seers was relieving but at the same time we couldn’t celebrate. So many things had happened on this journey. We battled a psychotic lycan who haunted us for weeks, fought amongst ourselves and lose one of our members to the shadows. So finally meeting the reason for our guests was not as satisfying as we would have liked it to be.

When the Seers arrived, Nereid went to talk with them as we all crowded around Zero trying to pry Krista’s body from him. He was finally quiet now but from the looks of it, he was in shock. Jebidiah and Arion managed to remove his mate’s body and Vates and I helped him up. He let us, not acknowledging anything or anyone.

We stood to the side along with Dean who was still silently crying for the loss. I watched the Seers apprehensively as they converse with Nereid gazing back at us constantly. After what seemed like hours, they finally reached our grieving group and took Krista’s body from Jebidiah. The instant Krista was in their hands, she vanished causing all of us to rush to them demanding what they did with her.

Relax, she is somewhere safe.” A serene voice said in our heads making all of us, accept Zero jumped.

“They cannot speak verbally. So if you hear a foreign voice in your head, that’s them.” Nereid explained. The Seers scrutinized all of us, and when they stopped at Zero, their faces morph into pity and sadness. One of them, she was dress in soft white garment that seemed to flow endlessly, walked closer to us, offering a small smile. “We have been expecting all of you.” I forced a smile, but it came out as a frown and nodded. “Come,” she waved her hands in the direction they came from. “You must be tired.” Tired was an understatement, we were beyond exhausted. The heavy rain and stormed had finally ceased but our group was soaking wet down to our underwear and boots.

We followed the Seers through a narrow pathway leading through the forest. They glided along the ground, feet barely touching the floor while we stumbled behind them quietly. The ground was mushy and the wind that was blowing send chill down my spine. On the outside I felt cold, wet and gross out. On the inside I felt lost, hurt, empty, heartbroken miserable.  I don’t know if I will ever be able to cheer up again. This journey had taken a lot out of me, physically and mentally.

“You okay?” I snapped my head up when I heard Arion’s voice whispered. He was observing me with a concern expression on his face. I lean into his side and he put his cold and dripping wet arm around me, guiding me through the path.

“I don’t know how much I can take,” I told him. He stopped, halting my movement and gazed into my eyes. I stared back at him as he searched my face – it looked like he wanted to say something but a throat clear and he snapped his head up. Jebidiah was standing there with his arms crossed over his chest, his face blanked and jaw locked. I frowned at him, wondering what was with his pose.

He gazed from me to Arion who looked like he was about to say something but stopped when Jebidiah shook his head. He sighed, and his eyes soften as he gazed at his uncle and me. Finally after a long time, he looked up at the bleak sky and looked back at us. With a final nod, he turned around following the others.

“What was that?” I asked Arion, he shrugged and started walking away, his face blank. I knew something was bothering him, he was about to tell me something before. “Carry me,” I requested, grabbing the back of his shirt. He halted and turned back around, examining my face. After a while, he picked me up and hugged me to his chest. I hugged him tight, burying my face in his neck as he started walking back to the group.

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