Chapter Nine: The Real Evil

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Sorry everyone for not posting for a while. I was busy and would be for this whole week but I would try and post more chapters next week. This was not edited at all. In fact, after I wrote it, I posted it without proof reading. Please leave a message and tell me what you think. Things are starting to get interesting.



Jebidiah POV

I groaned and opened my eyes, instantly shying away from the blinding light. I shut them again trying to slowly adjust my eyes to the light. When my eyes were adjusted enough, I looked around the room; everything was white and sterile. This was probably the pack’s hospital. I slowly sat up stretching and yearning.

“You’re up.” I snapped my head to the door to see Dean standing and watching me.  He looked exhausted and beat up. His suite was ripped and his hair was messed up.

“What happened.” I stood up and walked towards him.

“What do you remembered?” I ran my hands through my hair and thought about his question. I remember the party, that’s right I was supposed to find my mate today.

“My mate, did I find-” I stopped when I saw Dean shaking his head, he looked completely distraught.

“Think more, what else do you remembered?”

I furrowed my eyebrow looking at him seriously now. Then suddenly everything started to come back to me. I rested in my parents’ room, and then we left for the dinner. Afterwards I walked in the party room to find my mate. At first I thought I was going to be like my uncle but then I did find her… Oh God, the Beta’s youngest daughter and Dean and Christa’s little sister. It all hit me like a brick, the rejection, and the chaos afterwards…

“What… how-” I couldn’t find the words; they were stuck in my throat.

“Yes, you rejected your mate. You know the worthless garbage of the pack.” I stiffened and dragged my eyes to Dean, speechless at his cold words. He sounded emotionless and cruel.

“Don’t call her that!” I wanted to bit his head off.

“Oh please, don’t pretend that you are sorry for what you did,” he rolled his eyes and scoffed at me.

“She’s my mate! How can I not-”

“No Jebidiah, we are not about to get sympathetic now. We all knew what we were doing; you rejected her because you knew what she was. You couldn’t afford –no, the entire pack could not afford to have the dirt of the pack as our Luna and alpha female so don’t you dare start getting sentimental now!”

I watched him stomped away for awhile, but ran after him. I spotted him in the hallway and flashed behind him grabbing his hand and spinning him around to face me.

“She’s my mate…” I pleaded. My voice sounded like I was begging him for something but I didn’t know what it was. I knew something was extremely wrong and I wanted him to somehow fix it.

He sighed and looked away from my pleading eyes. I waited for awhile letting him gather his thoughts. He breathed out and turned his eyes towards me.

“I’m sorry, I have no idea how I should feel right now. Actually none of the pack members knows how to feel. They are all acting sorry and crying like they had no part in what we did to my sister. It pisses me of.”

He closed his eyes and sighed again. “Can you honestly say that you feel absolutely bad about rejecting her? look inside yourself and tell me that a part of you did not want to do the impossible by rejecting your own mate” he was begging me now.

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