Chapter Thirteen: Victims of Circumstances

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Hi everyone,

Here’s chapter thirteen. Although it’s different from the others, it was absolutely necessary not only to slow things down but to prepare for chapter fourteen. I need to take my time to write fourteen because it will be about the meeting of Supernaturals and more happenings with the shadows. In this chapter Primrose is taken of guard and a new and surprising point of view was added. Enjoy it because I’m not sure if I would ever write in this person POV again. Vote if you want and tell me what you think!



Primula POV


I held a branch with my right hand and used the left to stretch out and pick the red juicy apple closer to me. With the apple in hand I jumped down and the ground came fast but in a slow motion allowing me to land on my feet gracefully. I walked back to the creek I found a few days ago and washed the fruit clean. I bit into it as I made my way outside the forest focus on nothing but the savoring taste of the apple.

This was how I spent my days, mostly in the forest. When I needed anything to eat, I would either gather fruits or hunt small game for meat. Since I spent my entire life cooking for the pack I was very knowledgeable about different herbs and how to put things together and turn it into a delicacies and the forest provided many option for me to use as provisions. I now basically lived in the forest doing everything from bathing, sleeping and eating.

This was very convenient for me because it helped me avoid the pack as much as possible. I like how everything worked out since for some reason some unknown force was keeping me on their land. I figure I would stay on their property but just avoid them like the plague. 

I don’t think they missed my presence. They seemed to be very busy with something judging from the commotion that was coming from the mansion.

Right now I was walking out of the forest and unto the dirt road that would lead me to my tent on a small mountain just on the outskirt of town.

Wanting to get there faster I used my new found speed. It was one of my strange series of abilities I seem to inherit after Primrose death. So far I could run so fast to the point where it looks like I’m teleporting, the pack could not touch me or they would be shock by some electrical force, and not only am I able to see the shadows but I am able to expel them as well. Although I was fascinated by these strange abilities, I was also a little apprehensive about them.

I slowed down when I felt a presence. Was someone at my tent? Oh hell no! I walked faster and when I got there, there was indeed someone standing with their back to me, a man to be exact. I tilted my head to the side confuse as to what he was doing here. He turned around when he heard me cleared my throat. I raised a brow silently asking what the hell he thought he was doing. I was even more irritated when I saw that he was one of the alphas. He completely ignored my annoyed glare and looked around nodding his head at my tent.

Three huge trees that grew mysteriously closed together was the main part of my cozy little habitat. I used ropes and tree branches I found in the forest to closed off two sides of the triangles made by the three trees, and the other side, the smaller one, I used it as a door, putting a huge branch that could be remove whenever I needed to get in or out. Because the trees entangled at the top, rain was prevented from coming in although it hasn’t really rain yet to test my theory. But on a side note, I’m looking forward to seeing the heavens open and liquid coming out. Anyway, my place looked livable to me, although anything would from the live style I lived. I was proud of the work I had done; I had managed to use natural to my advantage and better yet it was all mine.

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