Chapter Five: Unknown Anger

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Hi Readers, here is chapter five. And because I wrote a lot this weekend, I will also post chapter six.   So what do you think? How was Jebidiah? I try to make him as manly as possible but I'm a girl so I don't think it was successful. The next few chapters will be in his point of view. It will also help you all understand the pack a little. Don't worry, we will get to Primula. Please leave a message. I like to hear what you all have to say. Also I am not good at grammar so tell me if you see any mistake but please be kind. I'm fragil!



The smoky shadow around the pack members and Jebidiah grew and started to cause the chandelier to shatter. Lights began to flicker on and off and the windows were yanked from their hinges as strong wind blew in the ball room. The shadows were passing around people causing them to trip and fall while some were lifted of their feet to dangle in the air. Darkness covered the room as werewolves’ screams fill the room. Some were screaming for their love ones while others were asking what was happening.

Jebidiah was kneeling on the ground beside me to escape the shadow but I was not paying attention to him. I was watching the chaos unfolding before me. Alphas were screaming at people not to panic while the shadows enjoyed the damage they were causing. I knew they were not strong yet because although they could touch the pack members, it was only temporary. The people that were dangling in the air only lasted for a few seconds before they fell back down.

No shadow came to where I was sitting on the floor. I could care less if they did. I was watching pandemonium unfold right before my eyes. I slowly looked around to see Krista being choked by a shadow. She would swat it off but it came back. ‘The Father’ was also doing the same thing but because he was the beta he seemed to be faring better than his daughter.

Dean and the alpha were pulling down the alpha female who seemed to be dangling in the air. After a few seconds, she fell on both of them. The other alphas were pulling their mates and others down as well. I looked to the window and saw the strange guy lying flat on his stomach as he watched me. His eyes never left me. Our eyes met; he was still staring at me with his brow furrow in confusion. I lost interest in our little stare down and look to the side.

The main shadow, the malice in my dream that I saw in Jebidiah’s eyes was standing there with a crazy and psychotic smile on his face. I don’t even think that could be considered a smile. He seemed more solid than the others. He was just a thick smoke with a creepy and wicked and probably everlasting grin on his face. His eyes were burning fire as he stared at me. His expression did not change. I could say he seemed creepier and his grin was wider but I didn’t think it was possible. I stare at him uncaringly. I don’t think anything could make me feel.

At the Connor of my eyes I saw the strange window guy looking between me and the malice. I knew he couldn’t see it but he knew I was seeing something. His brows deepen more with confusion. My gaze swept the room again. I could feel my wolf shaking uncontrollable inside of me but I couldn’t find the strength to talk to her. I was probably shaking but I could not feel anything. All I could do was watch what was happening. Although I knew this was just the beginning of what these shadows will be capable of, I couldn’t care less. I felt absolutely nothing. I was only awaiting death. I could finally die. Not the way I wanted which was by being swallowed by the ocean but I would gladly take the card that was dealt me. I resigned; I won’t fight anymore. If my existence was so troublesome, it was time I was no more. As if she knew what I was thinking, my wolf gathered herself and pushed to the surface. And with a voice so strong that it surpassed that of an Alpha she screamed through my voice:

STOP!” the shadows stopped.

Actually everyone in the room stopped. They all fell to their knees including the alphas. Everything stopped even the weather outside. Everyone was staring at me with their mouth opened. I looked towards the strange guy and he seemed calm as he look at me while deep in thought. His eyes were calculating like he was putting some puzzle pieces together. Not caring what puzzle he was solving, I look down at Jebidiah who was staring at me with his jaw hanging open. His eyes were wide as they stare at me with strange emotion in their depth. Again, not interested in what those emotions were I turned to the malice. He looked… the same. The emotion on his face really was stuck that way. Our eyes met and then he vanished. The moment he was gone, the rest of the shadows followed.

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