Chapter Nineteen: Part Two - Operation: Mass Migration

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Primula POV


As I contemplated the new plan the sorcerer and I came up with a dark feeling suddenly came over me. I saw Eligor mouth moving but I couldn’t register his words. A burning hate like I never felt before took over me. It licked my inside like hot burning lava. I was excited, I had finally won. I was now victorious. I dropped to my knees overcome by thick black hatred that ran through me like a bottomless pit. I wanted to see destruction – wanted to see blood and guts spill everywhere. It was time they paid for trapping me in meat suit. Oh, I wouldn’t kill them – no, that would be too good. I rather bring hell…

“Primula,” I heard a scream piercing through my heart disrupting the thoughts running through my head. I looked up to see the ex-mate rushing to me. I smiled sadistically, waiting for him to get closer so I can examine his innards. Oh how I hated him!

“Don’t touch her,” I heard the Wiccan screamed stopping the ex-mate from getting closer. I was instantly annoyed. I snarled wanting to peel the sorcerer skin from his body. How dare the flesh full of maggot stop me from ripping the intestine from the boy’s inside? They were all nothing but meat skin… disgusting, rotting meat! I couldn’t wait to watch them destroyed themselves.

“Primula, look at me.” My head snapped up as a pair of bluish green eyes looked into my faded ones. The ex-mate was being restrained by Eligor but he never once took his worry filled eyes from mine. I closed my eyes still feeling his eyes on me. I focused on the unknown emotion it was stirring in me and the dark hatred started to fade away. I felt the horrifying emotion instantly left me and I opened my eyes gazing at the ex-mate once again.

I furrowed my brows wondering where the hatred came from – one thing I knew for certain, it wasn’t from me. I never felt an emotion like that since my dreams…

“Eligor, you need to hear this.” I was pulled from my thoughts by Arion who barged into the room with a distraught look on his face.

“What is it?” Eligor asked him, releasing his hold on my ex-mate who rushed towards me searching my face. I got up slowly looking away from him and focusing on Arion and Eligor.

“A message came from the Crimson pack. Apparently they were attacked by a black cloud of smoke. Nobody got hurt so they didn’t call alpha Zar to tell him but since them something disturbing has happen with some of the pack members...”

“Let me guess, they are killing themselves?” I asked budding into Arion’s explanation. He stopped and turned to me.

“Yeah, so far ten people have killed themselves and the pack has managed to tie up the others who are displaying similar symptoms. How did you know?” He asked puzzled.

I sighed.  Now I understand what happened to me a minute ago. I somehow managed to tap into the shadows’ emotions.

“The shadows are causing this. Have the council ordered the sector leaders to bring their people here yet?” I asked him.

“Yes, at first they thought the idea was preposterous even after they saw the expansion of the neutral zone, but after the report from the Crimson pack, let’s just say they are ecstatic about the idea.” He stopped examining me. “Primula what’s going on?”

“And what just happen recently?” Eligor added. “You looked like you were about to murder us.”

I sighed. “I somehow got pulled into the shadows’ emotion. And from what I felt, they’re very happy.”

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