Epilogue: Promise of Happiness

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Here is the epilogue. I am not sure how I feel about it but, I needed to wrap up the story. Tell me what you all think?

This chapter is dedicated to EVERYONE!! Thank you all for reading and sticking with NTG until the end!


Zero POV

“Hey beautiful. I have a confession which I’m sure you knew already. I have and always will love you. I remembered the first time I saw you. You stood by the wall so uncomfortable and out of place. I’m sure you were asking the ground to swallow you right then and there. You heard them laughing at you and saying what a fool you were, but yet you never let it bothered you. It was at that moment I laid my eyes on you. I wanted to carry you somewhere to a faraway land and protect you from the evil of this world.”

“Arion, when I think about how I will never look into those eyes of yours again to see their colors switch, I want to cry. Yes, I knew that your eyes switch colors. How could I not, I was obsess with you. I’m sorry I came on too strong and scare you away. Tell me something, if I hadn’t creep you out like you so ‘kindly’ pointed out to me, would you have even consider giving me a chance? Well since you are not here to answer me, I am going to boost my ego by saying yes.”

Chuckling to myself, I stared at the statue of the three of them. Our heroes the world should never forget. I can remembered that day, three months ago when we all watched the happenings from the Neutral Zone. When Selene came for Jebidiah she wanted us to see what a hero Prim… was and how greatly the gods would reward ‘her’. So we were all transported back to the neutral zone where we could watch the happenings from a mirror room. I think the gods were scare people were starting to doubt them so they tried to redeem themselves. Too bad it didn’t turn out in their favor. Sighing, I looked at Arion and continued telling him everything I know.

“I saw what happened to you Arion. All I could think was why didn’t I grabbed him and run away? That day when you and ‘her’ left with Selene I almost took you and ran away. I could just imagine the shock on your face. I knew how happy you were when I found Krista, but my heart was already yours. She suspected, but I never intended to pursue you so she left it alone. So I would have loved to see the look on your face when I pick you up to run with you.”

“I also saw what happened to Jebidiah. His was a tragedy nobody saw coming. His mother practically had a heart attack when she witnessed his death. I didn’t even think werewolf could have a heart attack. When he died, everyone in the room cried. I think ‘her’ inconsolable weeping was a contributing factor. We were all so shock our heart went out to him. His blood was endless but you must have seen it too. Even after he died, it kept flowing. Reliable source from purgatory told us that his blood is still flowing. Apparently because he was used at a scapegoat – the gods lay all the blame on him instead of them – his blood continues to flow. It is starting to freak them out but they can’t stop it.”

“I saw ‘her’ Arion. I saw a brief glimpse of what you became, and it is nothing compare to what she became. She is what horrors are made of. Her hair transformed into a bloody red color from Jedidiah’s blood and her eyes are completely white. She… I’m sorry; I can’t describe the monster I saw. When I even remembered that little Prim- the two don’t even look like the same person. The new ‘her’ is deadly, gorgeous, horrifying… although she’s extremely sexy though. Alright, I’m sorry. You are probably shaking your head at me but I’m a man after all. What can I say?”

“We all witnessed what she did. I think at that point everybody was routing for her. I have to say Selene had it coming. She was not very perceptive for a goddess. Right now she’s hunting Lune and he’s hunting her as well, after all Selene was his mate. I think she’s winning though because Lune keeps sending lesser gods as his army because he’s afraid to get his hands dirty. Well, I don’t have to tell you what became of them. Sources said she was so frustrated with the game of cat and mouse Lune’s playing she skin all the army of lesser immortals he send, put them in a box and dropped them at one of his temples. Disturbing isn’t’ it? We also learned she has a deadly wolf as a companion. It is more terrifying than a hellhound. One look at it leaves you petrified.”

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