Chapter Twenty: Being Watched

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Here is chapter twenty. This chapter is more about preparation for what’s to come. Oh I wanted to ask the readers. Someone said I should enter the Watty Awards, what do you guys think? Is that a good idea? After all, so many werewolf stories are entered.






Primula POV

It was supposed to be quick, easy and painless, well maybe a little painful because I was stuck with people who neck I didn’t mind snapping. We were supposed to leave the neutral zone, find the Seers with no struggle because after all they could see the future so they would have seen us coming. The Seers were supposed to then lead us to the gods – I would yell at them for abandoning me when I needed them the most. They would tell me some crap about how my experience made me stronger, stop the shadows and send us on our merry way.

That was exactly what I signed up for. Yes sure I was expecting the shadows to be problematic for a little bit but then everything would be okay and within two days and the supernatural seven would have completed their mission. Yes, that was what I agreed to. But no, none of that happened at all.

At first everyone was excited, with the exception of me, because face it, I’m never happy. The seven of us said our goodbyes, well the six of them said their goodbyes while I stood in the corner brooding. Afterward we left the neutral zone and took one of the many cars left at the entrance.

The group decided to go back to the Ragnarok pack for supplies incase our journey lasted more than three days. Of course the six of them pack clothes, shoes and things that would eventually become useless to them. I had to practically force them to pack food, water and things that won’t rot in time. They at first protested claiming that credit cards was all we would need and if we ever ran out of anything, it could be bought by their many credit cards since they were all millionaires.

When I didn’t budge, they agreed to pack some food to ease my worry. I knew what it was like to go hungry for hours, days, and weeks without food so I was not comforted with the idea of using some plastic card to buy them. I liked seeing the food itself instead of the thing use to buy it.

While they continued to load their suitcases with lavish belongings, I stuffed two pants, two shirts, undergarment, toothbrush, toothpaste and my trusted blanket – I refused to throw it away, we had too many memories together – in one of two small backpacks, all bought by Arion. I had no money to buy anything and I refused to accept anything from anyone else accept Arion. I will admit it, he had grown on me. I didn’t take any shoes accept for the leather boots and leather jacket I was wearing.

In my second backpack I took extra food, pots, pans and little seasoning I felt would be useful. With the two small backpacks, and a quick shower, I was ready within minutes. They on the other hand took hours to pack their belongings, and even insisted on going to the store to buy more not caring that the shadows could be lurking around. They were lucky the shadows were inactive at the time. While they did all their preparations, I took the time to sleep and say final goodbye to my tent in the forest.

Vates and the guys were ready within a few hours but Krista took her own time to pack her hair dryer, makeup, and basically the whole world. Ten hours later and she was finally ready to go although she kept running up and down the pack mansion for things she had forgotten – things she didn’t really need but had to have. I wasn’t complaining at all especially since I was well fed and rested by the time she was finally ready to go.

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