Before you read

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Hello fellow people! Welcome to your worst nightmare! Jk. Now, before you read this book, I must warn you, this is random and cringe worthy. Please no criticizing my book. No mean comments, or any bad stuff about my characters. Also grammar mistakes, don't criticize that either please.I know my writing isn't great, but this is all for fun. If you don't like the book then just don't read it. Take it out of your library if you Don't like it. Simple as that. But other then that... Enjoy!

*slaps forehead* Wait Sorry, how can I forget? If you see anyone who has copied my book anywhere please tell me so I can *takes out a knife with a unicorn carving on it* KILL THEE!!! Jk, but seriously though. Don't copy or steal my book. That's mean.... okay bye!
*flys away*

If y'all wondering how they look, I picture them like this.

Black hair, brown eyes, tan skin, defined jawline, muscle but not to much (But you know...With a six pack), has one dimple on each cheek, and is 6'1

Chocolate brown hair, hazel eyes, tan skin, defined jaw line, muscle but not as much, has one dimple on his right cheek, and is 6'0

Dark brown wavy hair, big brown eyes, tan skin, and is 5'4

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