Chapter 15: Wizard!

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I walked down stairs and into the kitchen for food. OooOoo, cookies!!

Five minutes later

"Oh my gosh! I'm soooooo bored, you!" I yelled pointing at Dominic. He pointed at himself and tilted his head. "Me?"

I nodded my head. "Yes! Do something peasant!" Blake coughed in the background.

"Shut up!!!" I practically yelled at Blake. He put his hands up in surrender.

"Dom, remind me to never cough when Maya's here." He whispered to Dominic. I growled lowly, he gulped and ran out of the room.

"What's the matter with you?" Dominic asked me. "Nothing." I grumbled.

"Here. Have a Snickers cause your not you when your hungry." Dominic said and handed me a Snickers bar. Where did he get that from??? What sorcery is this???

"Do you keep random Snickers in your pocket or something???" I said taking a huge bite. Dominic shrugged his shoulders and grinned, not saying anything.

"Whatever you wizard." I narrowed my eye at him. "So peasant, when do you want to finish that pick up line contest?" Dominic asked.

"Now's good. Prepare to lose!" I yelled.

"Whatever you say love, I'll go first. Is your name WiFi? Cause I can fell a connection." He motioned between the both of us.

"Awe, you're so sweet, you gave me a tooth ache." I fake groaned and acted like i was in pain.

"Is your body from McDonalds? Because I'm loving it" He smirked and looked at me from head to toe. I posed for him.

"Are you a banana? Cause I find you a-peel-ing." 

"Let's flip a coin, heads, your mine, tails, I'm yours." Ten minute into the game later, I can tell Dominic was running out of pick up lines.

"I, um... Okay fine!!! You win!" He pouted and crossed his arms over his chest angrily.

I smirked at him. "Your my slave now! Loser!" I sang and did a victory dance. "Meanie" he said under his breath. I stopped my dance and glared at him.

"Are YOU hungry!? Do YOU need a Snickers bar!? YOU said it yourself, your not YOU when your HUNGRY!" I said exaggerating on some words.

While pouting, he pulled out a snickers out of his pocket and start munching on it. Yup, i called it. He's a wizard. Just to be sure I patted down his pockets to find nothing.

"I feel better, thank you." I nodded my head and smirked. "Your still my slave."

"On second thought, I think I need another Snickers." He pulled out another one from his pocket. What the heck!? I'm confused.. I'm pretty sure I checked those pockets a few seconds ago...

What sorcery is he doing? "Wizard!!!" I yelled.

"Sweetheart, no yelling. I know your hungry but food is going to be another five minutes." Blake said coming into the living room.

"Blakey!" I cried and jumped off of the couch and  into his arms.
I pointed a finger at dominic. "Blakey, your friend is a wizard! He took snickers from his pocket and ate it event though i checked them! Wizard i tell you, sorcery!!!" Blake turned to Dominic to find him sitting down casually, no snickers, no nothing.

"What at you talking about sweetheart? He's not a wizard. Did you eat those brownies again?" I shook my head no. "He's a wizard!!!" I yelled.

"Dom do you know what she's talking about?" Dominic gave him a confused look.

"I don't know." Blake sighed. "It's not nice to lie sweetheart." I shook my head again. "I'm not lying!"

"Nevermind, he's not a wizard okay? Foods almost ready. I'll call you when its done." I turned my gaze to Dominic to find him smirking and ripping open a Hershey's bar.

"WIZARD!!!!" I yelled. "Maya how many times do I have to tell you? He's not a wizard." Blake said re entering the living room in a wizard costume.

"Cause I am!" he yelled. What is going on?

Dominic's POV

"What's wrong with her dude?" I asked Blake. "I have know idea, all i said was, lunch is ready."

"I know right? She keeps on screaming something about wizards and sorcery and snickers? or something like that..." We sat back and watched Maya scream at us being wizards.

"Get back, get back!" Then she started talking gibberish. Blake stretched and got up. "Ow Blake... How could you?" She cried and held her stomach as if she were in pain.

"What?" He asked. "How can you use that spell on me!? I thought we were friends!" She sobbed and got down on her knees.

"Whatever man, good luck." He walked back into the kitchen. A minute later Blake came running back. "Cookies..." Was all he said.

"She ate the cookies." I face palmed. Again!? Unlike the brownies, Blake put more stuff into the cookies which she ate...

"Darn it Maya, your retarded sometimes..." I groaned a steppe closer to her.

"No!! By the power invested in me, you will turn into cheese!" She cried out and waved her hand at me.

"It's not working! Maybe I can use... Thats spell..." What is she talking about.

"The spell of legend..." My eyes widened. Love!? "I have no choice Maximus." She ran up to me and kissed me. Holy mother of cow! Maya is kissing me!!!

I closed my eyes and kissed her back. Then she pushed me away. "It worked! He has now fall in love with me! Get me out of here my love!"

I watched her dazed, Is it weird that I'm falling in love with her... Oops?

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