Chapter 4: Demon!

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"Soooo..." Blake trailed off awkwardly. "What?" I asked. "What you saw just now...It was nothing. I took Dom's phone and he tackled me to the ground trying to get it from me. That's it." Blake explained.

"I don't really care you know, Dominic already explained what happened." I said waving my hand and looking the other way. "So, what's going on with Mr. Mood swings?"

"Dunno. Can you please tell me what your name is now? You are gonna be here for a while with me and Dom, so might as well...." I tapped my chin in thought.

Should I tell him? I don't even know them. But I am gonna be here a while. Why am I here anyways? Who in the world wants to see me? Me! Of all people! I'm basically a couch potato that wears unicorn clothes. That I totally rock in of course... Psh...

"Hello?" Blake said snapping his fingers on front of my face. "Is mayonnaise an instrument?" I blurted out without thinking. I mentally face palmed. Really Maya... Out of all the questions in the world you choose that.

"What?" He questioned confused.

"Nothing. I'm Maya." I smiled happily. He grinned.

"Now." I said clapping my hands together. "I need to shower. Do you have any clothes that I can wear?" I asked, looking at him.

"Yeah. Wait a minute." He said walking away. I started whistling a random song awkwardly.

After a minute, he came back with some clothes. "Here." He said handing them to me.

"Thanks." I grinned about to walk away. "But I have to warn you, the clothes are rather large." Blake said stopping me in my tracks.

"I don't give a fudge!" I said smiling. Once I said that, I turned around and skipped all the way to the restroom. Yay! Bath time.
After my shower I examined the clothes Blake gave me. I must admit they are rather big. Oh well, good thing I like baggy clothes. But... It's not the same! I want my unicorn clothes!

After glaring at his clothes, I put it on. Might as well, I am not gonna go around the house, with two hot guys there, naked doing the cha cha, now would I? I thought, exiting the bathroom.

"Owie!" I cried a I fell face first on the ground. Stupid pants! I hate you!

"Blake!" I whined entering his room. "What?" He whined back.

"I fell on my face in the hallway and now my face hurts!" I complained, poking his cheek.

"What am I suppose to do about it?" He asked. "I dunno, do you have a washing machine?" He looked at me weirdly for a moment.

"Yes, why do ya need it?" He said sounding a little suspicious.

"To wash my unicorn onesie. Duh!" I said making a probably, weird face.

"Hmm... Okay." He said. "When can I go home? I want my clothes. No offense, but your clothes suck! That's the reason I fell in the first place." I said throwing my arms in the air.

"Sorry sweetheart but you can't go home yet." He looked at my pouting face before continuing.

"Although... I can asked Dominic if I can use the van to go back to your house so I can get you more clothes. If that's what you would like." He said.

"Yes!" I yelled happily and hugged him. "Thank you! But if he says no, at least you tried. That's what's important, that and my clothes of course." I said skipping out of his room.

I wonder what happened to Dominic. Where is he anyways?

"Dominic?" I whispered. "Where are you? Are you dead? If you don't answer, I'm gonna asume that your dead." I said looking around.

"I'm not dead." A male voice said behind me. "Ahh!" I squealed running inside my room and not turning back.

"Ghost!" I yelled and slammed my door shut.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Oh my gosh! I knew ghosts existed! Holy cow, what do I do?! Wait, what about Blake?! He's still out there, I need to warn him!

Bang! Bang!

On second thought, Blake's gonna be fine. "Open the door!" It yelled still banging its fists on the door.

"No! Get out of here you ghost!" I screamed hugging my pillow close to me.

"I'm not a ghost!" It yelled back, the fists banging on the door became louder. I gasped, that can only mean one thing...

"Demon!" I squealed shut in my eyes tightly. "I'm not a demon!" It countered angrily. "Liar!" I screamed.

"No! It's me Dominic! Now open the door!" My eyes flung open. Dominic?!

"Dominic?" I said cautiously. "Yes, now open the door." He said, banging stopped.

"You took over Dominic's body?! Ahh! Leave, leave his body!" I growled jumping out of bed and hitting the door with my fist.

"What? No! It's actually me, Dominic!" He reasoned. "You would know if you open the damn door!" 'Dominic' said sounding tired.

Yes! He's weakening! Dominic can fight back! Wait, I can help. I slowly opened my door and hit him in the stomach, catching him off guard.

"What the hell is wrong with you?! That hurt like a-" I cut him off with hugging him.

"Dom, your back! Thank the heavens!" I cried relieved.

"What are you talking about?" He groaned. "You don't remember? Your body was taken over by a demon." I explained.

"You idiot! I wasn't possessed by a demon! You were looking for me, so I went. You screamed ghost, and left. I ran after you to explain that I am not a ghost or a demon." He angrily explained.

My mouth was hanging open. "Oh..." Was my smart response. I grinned sheepishly. "Sorry..." I murmured and hung my head down in shame.

"It's fine." He said and got up from the ground. The guilt! It's kill in me! Apologize you dummy! "Dominic?" I softly said. He turned around and raised an eyebrow at me. "Yeah?"

"I'm really sorry." I said sincerely. Then the most unexpected thing happened. I want you to guess. Come on guess. Give up? He hug me!!! The big bad Dominic, I don't know his last name, hugged me!

"It's okay..." He said. He pulled back, grinned at me showing his dimples, and left.

"What did I miss?" Blake said coming out of no where. I smiled and shook my head.


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