Chapter 8: Explain

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Maya's POV

To be honest, I don't know why I agreed to this. I think it's cause I can buy clothes or because I can get free food. Maybe both...

I looked at myself in the mirror. Damn, I am rockin' in my onesie. I giggled and struck some poses.

"I'm to fab, so call a cab, or y'all get stabbed... By my awesomeness that is!" I sang swinging my arms in the air and moving my hips.

"Um..." I turned around to find Blaze standing by my door,looking at me awkwardly. Why is he looking at me like that? I'm just posing in from of my mirror... Dancing... Singing a made up song...Making faces... That's normal for me. Yup, typical Wednesday.

"Oh um." He cleared his throat. "Dominic is waiting downstairs. Are you gonna go like that?" He looked at my onesie.

I shrugged my shoulders. "I don't really care on what I where. I once went to a store wearing a different onesie. The unicorn was purple by the way. People looked at me weirdly but it's okay. It was worth seeing there faces." I smiled at the memory.


"How many people you know goes to a store full of people wearing a unicorn onesie? Head held up high, no embarrassment what so ever. There was once this one woman who came up to me and said thank you." I looked a Blake to see his reaction be for continuing.

"Apparently she and her husband were fighting that day an somehow gave her the courage to apologize to her husband, how over reacting she was being to him." Blaze blew out a breath and grinned.

"I have so much respect for you. Well come on, Dominic's waiting." With that I went to the stairs but instead of going down the stairs like a normal person, I sat on the railing and slid my way down like it was a slide.

"There you are. Let's go." Dominic said when he saw me. I turned around and looked at Blake. "Bye bye Blaze, see ya later!" He waved at me before disappear in into the kitchen.

Dominic opened the passenger side like a gentleman. "Thank you." I smiled and went in the car.

"I didn't even know you had a car. I thought you only had the ironic and stereotypical white van." I said when he entered the car. He smiled but didn't say anything, he just started up the engine and started driving.
Dominic's POV.

After forty five minutes of driving, we finally made it to the closest mall. Maya turned to me and grinned like a little kid. When she entered, she dragged me to a store.

"I want this, this, and this." She said holding up a rainbow onesie that says 'There's a unicorn at the end of every rainbow', a pajama shirt that says 'I became a unicorn last night' along matching shorts, and another onesie that is a unicorn itself.

Wow. That was quick. "Is that all you want? I'm paying you know." She shook her head no.

"Na, I'm good. I got this on the sales rack for five bucks. Can you believe that!? Five! That's a really good deal." She squealed. I looked at her confused.

"But I'm paying" I repeated. "Why don't you get more things?" She just waved her hand in dismissal.

"I'm not one of those people that buys so much things if someone else is paying you know." I continued staring at her. Studying, trying to figure her out.

"Well.., unless It involves food."

It seems she has forgotten of everything that has happened. And has reverted back to her childish ways. I'll admit it though, I ACTUALLY did miss this childish side of her.

"Plus you are buying me food. Win, win situation. You paid less then what you were expecting and I get food. Come on, let's go pay, by that I mean you, then we go eat." I nodded my head and went to pay for it.
"So what do you want to eat and where?" I asked her.

"I don't know. I want fries and a burger but I don't know where.. Ummm..." She tapped her chin in thought. I sighed mentally.

"How about we drive through jack in the box an get you those fries and a burger. We can just eat in the car, how does that sound?" Her eyes widened, eyes shining bright with surprise and happiness.

"What? You'd do that for me?" I nodded my head.

She blushed and continued, "Aww, your to nice. Besides the fact that you kidnapped me and is trading me for money in twenty four days. You're nice... Enough." She cooed.

Ouch. That felt like a stab to my heart. Guilt slowly crept up on me but I shook it off. "I have to."

She shook her head kind of disappointed. "I'm not mad at you or Blake anymore. Now I'm just disappointed. stab. Ow, that hurt.

"I know it's only been six days but I kind of got attached to guys, you know? I know you guys just think of me like a mission as Blake said it before but to me... I thought of you guys as my friends. I know its only been six day but... And I also know I am very trusting but it was only to you guys... I don't know why... I really thought... Then you guys go and say that I'm just..." She trailed off. Stab. STAB! Ouch, that hurt. My feelings, the guilt.

I couldn't look at her. The guilt was to much. After a while of thinking I spoke, " At first it was. It was for the money, and the money only. But then you happened." She looked at me confused.

"When we brought you to the house. You act all childish and annoying and funny... But I know it's not an act. You genuinely are like that, which I love and adore and think it's cute." I felt a blush coming up but I went on.

"Then when me and Blake had a discussion about you leaving, he looked... Sad. Sad that you were leaving. To be honest so did I.But I never wanted to admit it. To admit I'm going to miss someone so childish and annoying. " Her expression turned shocked.

"I don't know how you did it Maya, I really don't. But Maya believe me when I say this but I need the money." She narrowed her eyes at me.

"You're not just getting the money for drugs are you?" She questioned suspiciously.

"Wait th-"

"Because there are people out there to help you. As said in that one commercial, addition IS a disease." Maya looked at me sympathetically.

"That came out wrong. I'm not using the money for drugs Maya. Believe me please." I looked at her pleading to believe me. I gulped, here nothing goes.

"I need it for my mother." Her eyes widened.

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