Bonus chapter

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Dominic's POV

"I believe I can flyyyyy!!!!" Maya sang. I paused and walked into her room.

"What are you- No! Stop! Get down from there!" I yelled grabbing her arm before she jumped.

"What is wrong with you Maya!? Do you wanna die!?"

Her eyes filled with tears, "I'm sorry Dominic. I wanted to touch the skyyyyyy!!!"

"What's wrong with you?"

"Dom! Did you drink my jolly rancher vodka? You know I was saving it!!!" Blake whined entering the room.

"She did it not me!" I yelled pointing a finger at Maya's face. She crossed her eyes and stuck out her tongue.

"Unicorns everywhere."

"Maaaaan!!!" He whined and stomped out of the room childishly. "Now I have to make another one!"

"Why did you drink it?" I asked. "It tasted soooo good! I would've saved you some but.... it was to good!!!"

"I didn't want any. Just.... go to sleep...." I sighed.

"Heheheh, Dom why didn't you tell me you were secretly a fairy???" She giggled.


"You look funny in a tutu..."

I looked down at my pants. Okay????

"Just sleep."

"Psych unit in rainbow land, I must goooo!!! There giving tortas!!!" She whined.

"Jeez woman, you're crazy."

"I'm fabulous, what cha talking bout boo? You gotta stop being jelly of me!" Maya said flipping her hair.

"Ugh, whatever!" I grabbed her blanket, wrapped it around her, and tied it at the end. Heheh she looks like a burrito.

"Nooooo....." she whined trying to break free. "Why can't I get out!? What sorcery is this!?"

"By honey, see you later." I smirked and left the room.

"Oh so help me Dominic the fairy I will get you once I get out of this comfy cocoon!" She swore.

"Have fun with that." I called back. There's no way she can get out of that. I wrapped it up hecka nice.

30 minutes later.....

"Blake can you do me a favor and check on Maya?"

He looked up, "Fiiiiiinnne!!!" He ran up the stairs.

A moment later he came back, "She's not there."

I froze. She's not there..... hahahaha, she probably went to the restroom.

"Oh yeah, I check the restroom as well." Blake added. Shit.

"Blake I need to hide now." I said jumping up from the couch.


"Cause the Maya-ster is after meeeee!!!!" I yelled.

"Calm down Dom, be reasonable for a second. Why would she be after you?"

"I wrapped her up in a burrito and didn't let her out. Then she said she'll come after me once she got out. I thought it was a joke"

Blake patted my shoulder pitifully, "I'll be at your funeral."


"Heheheh Sorry."

"Dominic!!! I will come after you and rip your tutu apart!" Maya yelled. I looked around.

"Where is she!?" I panicked.

"I dunno. Peace out bruh." I grabbed on to his shirt. "No! You can't leave me."

He started making gestures with his hands, "But-but.... it's Maya we're talking about! I ain't dealing with dat! You do it, your problem not mine!"

"I have two letters for you Blake. F U." I glared letting go of his shirt.

"Alright.... Byeeeee! I need to plan your funeral!" He sang skipping out of the room. Rude.

I looked around again. I lived a good life. "Dooooom!"

I slowly turned my head, "Dom-i-nic no here right now, leave message after beeeeeep!" I said in a robotic voice and sprinted out the room.

"Dom the fairy turned into Dom the robot!? Whoa, plot twist!!!"

I cupped my hand over my mouth. Wow. I turned the corner and ran to the room in the car back. There's no way she'll find me here!

Not even a minute later.....

"Found you!!!" She yelled and jumped on my back.

"What!? How!?" I yelled surprised. "Meh always know where target is at." Maya whispered.

"Me koala." She said wrapping her arms and legs around me like a koala.

I stood up, I don't know why I was so scared, it's not that bad. "NOM NOM NOM!!!"

"OW MAYA WHAT THE HECK!?" I yelled. She's biting me while yelling nom.

"Mmmm Dom the fairy slash robot tastes like chocolate! Nom nom nom!!!"

"Stop!!!" I whined trying to shake her off but only caused her to hug tighter.

"My Chocolate....."

I groaned, this is gonna be a tiresome day for me..... wish me luck....

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