Chapter Three

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For the rest of the week I didn't see much of Liam and we didn't talk at all. The only reason I could come up with for the sudden silence was that he'd given up on trying to find out why I kissed him, so he had no more reason to talk to me.

I wasn't sure if I was happy, sad, or angry about it. I couldn't deny that I had a connection to Liam, he was my first kiss after all. So the fact that he'd completely forgotten about me was kind of hurtful. But at the same time I liked that everything was completely back to normal. I enjoyed school, and when the whole Liam thing was going on for the first couple days I wasn't enjoying it. Maybe it was for the best that we just went back to being strangers.

I sighed and shooed away my troubling thoughts of Liam to focus on getting ready for the football game. My school's colours were black and red so I decided to wear jeans and a red sweater, and paired that with white sneakers. Lisa was going to be disappointed in my outfit but I was already stepping out of my comfort zone going to the game, I wasn't about to push it any further by dressing differently than normal.

Before leaving I threw my hair up into a ponytail to make sure it stayed out of my face while I was outside. The last thing I wanted to do was wrestle with my hair the whole time.

"Dad, I'm ready to go." I called as I made my way downstairs.

"Well, don't you look lovely." Stephen Burns, my wonderful dad, said as he stepped out of the living room.

I rolled my eyes, "Thanks Dad."

I didn't look any different but I appreciated the compliment regardless.

"You look just like your mother with your hair up." He commented, giving me that happy-sad look he sometimes got.

I smiled at his words but there was a pang of sadness in my heart. I could barely remember what my mom looked like. She died when I was six years old and every day the memory of her faded a little more. First I forgot the sound of her voice, then her personality, and finally her face. The only reminder I had of her was pictures dad kept around the house and the stories he sometimes told me about her. From everything he'd said about her I knew she was an amazing person that loved me with all of her heart. I'd always be angry that she was taken from us so soon.

One night she went out to get something from the grocery store and she never came back. A man decided to get behind the wheel while under the influence of drugs and alcohol and it cost my mother her life. She didn't deserve that, nobody deserved to die like that.

"Who are you going with?" Dad asked when we got in the car. I knew he was asking to make sure I wasn't going with a boy, and he wasn't being subtle about it at all.

"Just Steph and Lisa. Don't worry, boys have cooties." I reassured him.

I guess I had cooties now too.

"That's my girl. You're not allowed to grow up." He teased.

He'd be so disappointed in me if he knew about the three kisses game.

Once we arrived at school dad went over the rules. Home by 11:00, call if I was going to stay at one of the girl's houses, make sure to stay safe. The usual.

I waved as he drove off, and then made my way to the front doors where Steph and Lisa were already waiting for me.

"Are you ready to watch a bunch of boys fight over a ball?" Steph asked when I got to them.

I laughed, "As ready as I'll ever be."

We ended up getting pretty bad seats on the bleachers. Note to self, come way earlier than ten minutes before a sports game.

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