Chapter Twelve

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Two hours after we got to the warehouse, I was still sat on the chair, curled up in fear.

A few minutes ago I texted my dad that I was at Lisa's house, so he wouldn't worry. I felt bad for lying, but I'd feel even worse if he knew what was really going on.

Not long after Garrett and the scary guys left, Liam went back into the room he had been talking to Garrett in, and hasn't gotten out since. What is he doing in there?

My silent question was answered when he finally came out, cell phone pressed up to his ear.

"She's going to ask questions." He muttered to the person on the other end, his eyes meeting mine for a moment before he trained them on the main door.

I was calmed by the fact that he didn't look worried, but then again, he didn't look worried when we were getting shot at either. He's good at hiding his emotions.

A minute later Liam got off the phone and silently looked back at me.

"Can I leave now?" I asked, breaking the silence when I became uncomfortable. Why was he just looking at me?

He closed his eyes and sighed, opening them a moment later before finally replying, "It's not safe yet."

My heart sped up in fear, I'm not safe? I thought everything would be okay now. We got away from the bad guys and they probably didn't even see me. Why isn't it safe?

"What's going on? Why were you shot at?" I questioned, my curiosity getting the best of me. I knew he wasn't going to give me any answers, but I asked anyway.

He walked over and sat down in a chair beside me, running a hand through his hair as he thought of what to say.

"I can't tell you." He finally said.

I rolled my eyes, that's exactly what I expected him to say.

"I have the right to know, especially if I'm in danger." I argued.

He clenched his jaw, obviously frustrated by my persistence.

"Tell me." I demanded. I need to know the truth.

"You'll be in even more danger if you know." He snapped, his golden eyes darkening in anger.

I shrunk back in my chair and kept my mouth shut. There's no point in arguing, it'll just make him madder.

Suddenly something was tossed onto me.

"Get some sleep. I'll make sure you're safe." Liam said, and it finally registered in my brain that the thing tossed on me was a blanket.

I continued to keep my mouth closed as I spread the blanket out on top of me, and tried to get comfortable on the very uncomfortable chair.

The lights dimmed as I wiggled around in my seat, and I was internally grateful for it. I wouldn't be able to get one minute of sleep with the lights shining right through my eyelids.

Before I closed my eyes to attempt sleeping, I saw Liam settle back into the chair beside me, and he looked tense and uneasy. How was I suppose to fall asleep when he looked like that? Were we really in that much danger?

If those guys come back, hows he suppose to keep us safe? They have guns.

Does he have a gun?

I wasn't getting any sleep with those unsettling thoughts swirling around in my head.

"I can't sleep." I grumbled. If I was going to be miserable all night, he was too. I'll make sure of it.

There was a long pause before he sighed and replied, "You're safe, there's no reason to stay up."

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