Chapter Twenty-Four

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Walking into school Monday morning had my stomach twisting. Not only was I scared about what Danielle surely had planned for me, but I was nervous to see Liam.

After my birthday party I had the weekend to reflect on everything that happened, but I still wasn't prepared for today. Was Liam going to ignore me? Pretend that I never confessed my feelings to him? I wanted to avoid the answer to that question at all costs.

I wore a loose grey hoodie with the hood up and my head down so no one would recognize me as I headed to my locker, and for once in my life a plan I came up with actually worked out. I was able to get the books I needed from my locker, and even got to class without being recognized.

I sighed in relief as I sat down at the back of the classroom of my first period, and slid the hood off of my head. Now that I'm in class nothing too bad could happen to me. Sure, Liam's in this class but he never shows up early so he won't have a chance to talk to me, or ignore me since the teacher will be teaching.

"Hey Emma." Someone greeted me as they sat down beside me.

I jumped at the sudden noise, and turned to greet the familiar person back.

"Hey Leo."

"Why are you wearing a hoodie that's ten sizes too big?" He asked, raising his eyebrows curiously.

I rolled my eyes and answered, "It's extra cold today, and big hoodies protect little people from icy air. And it's also really comfortable, why wouldn't I wear this?"

He nodded and raised his hands in surrender, "Fair enough, sorry I asked."

I chuckled, and then quieted down as students started filling up the room.

I kept my eyes trained on the door, waiting for Liam to show up, but he never did. The bell rang, the teacher started speaking, and there was no Liam in sight.

Maybe he's avoiding me to the point of not even going to classes that I'm in. Maybe he's scared that I'm going to urge him to say he likes me back.

I wouldn't do that though, I'm not expecting him to say anything back, I don't know what I was expecting when I told him in the first place. I really shouldn't have said anything.

I wish that stupid confidence that got me into this mess would come back so I wouldn't care about what might happen with Liam and Danielle. Where is the boldness when I need it?

The door to class opening brought me out of my thoughts, and my eyes curiously sought out the one that opened it.


His eyes scanned the room for an empty seat, but he paused when they landed on me, long enough to give me a small smile before going back to the task at hand and finding the only available seat in the middle of the room.

Did that smile mean he wasn't ignoring me? Was everything really going to be fine between us? I really hope so.

I spaced off for a while, playing possible scenarios of my next conversation with Liam in my head, until someone nudged me.

"Have you heard a word of the lesson? You've been zoned out the whole class." Leo teased, gesturing at the chalkboard that was now filled with equations.

My heart dropped, I didn't pay attention at all so far, and guessing from the fact that I didn't understand anything I was looking at, we learnt something new today. I'm going to struggle through my homework tonight.

"Crap." I muttered under my breath, and Leo chuckled at my expense.

Now on top of all the stress I have about Liam and Danielle, I'm adding math to the list. Great.

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