Spoilers / Promotion

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1. There's been lots of spoilers commented on this book. I delete them as soon as I see them but sometimes it takes a few hours for me to see.

I'm just making this short chapter thing to ask people NOT to comment spoilers! Frankly it's rude, and ruins the book for everyone else so if you're rereading this book PLEASE don't spoil it! I will delete the comment so it's pointless to even comment a spoiler in the first place!

2. Self promotion on books is NOT okay! I will delete the comments right away. It's so rude to comment on someone else's hard work asking those readers to go read their book. Like get your own readers, don't steal mine! Sorry if this sounds rude but it happens to me all the time and it's just the scummiest thing to do.

Be nice, don't spoil, and don't promote.

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