Chapter Thirteen

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"We were able to extract the bullet and stop the bleeding. Luckily nothing important was hit. He's going to be okay." The man who had been working on Garrett, told us.

I let out a sigh of relief as Liam got up and gratefully shook the man's hand.

It's been hours since we got here, so we've been silently and anxiously waiting on the living room couch for an update on Garrett. I couldn't be more relieved that the waiting is done and he's going to be okay.

"We moved him to a proper bed and he's resting now, you two can see him in a while." The man continued, and we both nodded in understanding.

"Thank you Daniel. I don't know what I'd do without you." Liam thanked the man, and I finally learnt his name.

"It's what I do." Daniel joked before turning around and leaving the room.

Now that all the worrying about Garrett was over, the realization that I've been gone from home for so long and haven't contacted my dad since last night, struck me.

I quickly pulled out my phone and saw that it was one in the afternoon, and I had three missed calls from dad.

"I really need to go home." I told Liam, getting up from the couch to leave.

He sighed but didn't argue, much to my surprise. Instead he started walking out of the living room.

I quietly followed behind him and soon we were in his car and on the way to my house.

"I'll have some people watch your house to make sure you're safe." He told me, his eyes glued to the road.

"What about the mole?" I asked. I don't want the mole to be the one watching my house, then the other gang will know exactly where to find me.

Liam sighed, "Until I find the mole, I'll watch your house, and there's two other guys I know for sure didn't rat so when I have to take care of Jenny, they'll watch over you." Liam explained.

I gulped uneasily, I don't know how much I like that idea. Often times, the mole is the person you never suspect.

"You'll be safe, I promise." He said when he looked over and saw the worry on my face.

After that it was silent in the car and ten minutes later I was walking up to my front door.

I looked over my shoulder and saw that Liam was parked on the side of the road, making me feel a little better for now since I knew I'd be safe, at least until he leaves.

"Emma?" Dad called from the living room when the front door closed louder than I wanted it to.

"Yeah it's me, I'll be up in my room." I called back before rushing up to my bedroom. If I saw him right now I think I'd break down. Everything that happened in the last twelve hours was threatening to crash down on me and I was determined to push it all away.

I can freak out about all that later, right now I need to text Lisa to make sure she's okay. She was a mess after the party she went to last night.

To: Lisa

Are you doing okay?

I quickly typed out the text and sent it, anxiously fiddling with my phone as I waited for her response. Not only do I care about her, but this was also a good distraction from the terrifying world of Liam. As long as she replies soon.

Unfortunately for me, she didn't reply and I was left to my very troubling reality.

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