Other Books & Where To Find Me!

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Hello lovely person reading this!

If you got this far it probably means you liked this book! And I'm here to tell you I've written other books you might like too!

I have a completed short story called When You Kiss A Jock, and three completed novels: The Opposite Of Attraction, and The Music We Make.

There's also a short completed spin-off to Three Kisses called Loyal Vengeance

I highly recommend The Music We Make even though it doesn't have as many reads as the other ones! I think it's my best book aside from this one!

Also all my books are on Goodreads and you can review them there! If you type in my name Mikayla Farrell all four of my novels should show up and it would mean the world to me if my books were reviewed!

And the last thing I want to say in this is that I follow everyone back on instagram (if they have a book type of instagram or if their wattpad username/link is in their bio because that's the only way I know they came from Wattpad!) But I love to interact with people on instagram! My username is greyfarrelll (3 Ls because someone stole my username! -_-)

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