Chapter Eleven

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My phone buzzing distracted me from the words I was reading.

Who's texting me at midnight? I mean sure it's Friday but still, no one texts me, especially not late like this.

I decided to ignore the text and go back to reading my new obsession, Looking for Alaska by John Green. I just couldn't take my eyes off the pages! It's an amazing book.

Another buzz from my phone spiked my curiosity even more. If someone was texting me twice at this time, it was probably important.

I unlocked my cellphone and read the new texts.

From: Lisa

Can you come get me? I'm at Devin's house and I need a ride home. I know you don't have a car but maybe your dad could pick me up?

She must really want to go home if she's asking me for a ride.

I shrugged and read the next text with the hope that Lisa will explain what's going on.

From: Lisa

Em please answer me! No one else is responding and I really need to get out of here. Please!

Oh no. Lisa must be in trouble, I need to find a way to get her home.

I dialled Stephanie's number and anxiously put my phone up to my ear.

Please pick up, please pick up!

After ringing for a while I was finally brought to voicemail. Great! Steph isn't going to be any help, she's probably sleeping.

And dad is at work, he's a surgeon so I can't get him to pick Lisa up.

What do I do?

I paced my room as I wracked my brain for any idea.

I don't have anyone's number other than Steph and Lisa. I'm not a popular girl so I can't call anyone to help.

And then an idea struck me.

I few days ago I called the home phone from Liam's cellphone, which means I can look at the call history on the home phone and find his number! He has a car so he can help Lisa out!

Although, he hates me so maybe not, but he has a good heart, I'm sure of it. If someone's in trouble he'll help them.

With my worry for Lisa controlling my body, I found Liam's number and dialled it on my cellphone.

Two rings later he picked up.


"Hey it's Emma, I need a favour." I muttered, chewing on my lip as I nervously awaited his reply. If I'm really unlucky he'll hang up before I have a chance to explain.

"Why the hell would I help you?" He demanded, and I could picture the hard expression on his face.

"It's not for me, it's my friend Lisa. She went to this party and she has no way home, and I'm really worried about her." I explained.

Please help Liam. Please!

"What do you want me to do?" He asked, his tone not as harsh as before.

I sighed in relief, he's going to help. Lisa will be okay.

"Can you pick me up and then get Lisa at Devin Cook's house. I would just ask you to pick her up but I want to be there for her." I explained.

Liam sighed, "I'll be at your place in ten minutes."

And before I could reply the line went dead.

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