Chapter Twenty-Five

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Christmas Break

"Please please please tell us again about your first date with Liam?" Lisa begged, pulling at her seatbelt in anticipation.

I looked around for a way out of retelling the story I've already told a billion times, but I was stuck in a moving vehicle between Lisa and Stephanie. I'm trapped.

"Fine, but after this I'm never telling it again." I gave in, shooting Liam a glare for not helping me, even thought he couldn't see it because his eyes were trained on the road.

"After school he brought me to a painting class where I excelled and he embarrassed himself, which was hilarious, and then he brought me hiking. The first half of the date was something I loved, and the second half was something he loved. That was his way of opening up to me." I recalled fondly, saying the last part teasingly. I'm sure Liam didn't enjoy the fact that I made him sound all vulnerable.

"And what happened during the hike?" Lisa questioned, even though she knew the answer.

I laughed, "We walked and talked until we came across a waterfall. It was beautiful, and then my dad called in a panic because I forgot to tell him that I wouldn't be home after school. It kind of ruined the magic so I asked Liam to bring me home because I felt bad for worrying my dad."

Everyone laughed.

"I could hear her dad's voice all high pitched and panicked through the phone and I was standing five feet away from her." Liam added, causing us all to laugh even more.

"Super romantic." Leo teased from the front passenger seat, earning a playful shove from Liam.

I shrugged, "Every date after that went smoothly, I made sure to tell my dad where I was to avoid another disaster."

"Too bad Garrett didn't get to hear the first date story again." Lisa commented, turning to look out the back window at Garrett's rental car trailing behind us.

I scoffed, "He probably would've thrown himself out of the moving car if he had to listen to it one more time."

"Yeah, you're probably right." She sighed, and dramatically turned back around to looked out the side window.

It kills me to see her so obviously head over heels from him, and not do anything about it. I think she should just tell him, it worked when I told Liam how I felt about him. I've told her time after time to just get her feelings out in the open but she's too scared.

Garrett would be lucky to date her, why can't she see that? She's never been shy with guys before, why is this time so different?

Maybe this trip is exactly what they need to realize they're perfect for each other. Maybe I'll make it my mission to get Garrett to see how special Lisa is.

"Earth to Emma, we're here." Someone said, waving a hand in front of my face to break me out of my thoughts.

I tuned back into my surroundings to see everyone out of the car, and Liam waiting with the back door open for me.

"This place is awesome!" I exclaimed as I slid out of the car and took in everything around me.

Palm trees everywhere, the ocean close by, and the beautiful white beach house that was mostly windows. The six hour plane ride and four hour drive to get here was totally worth it.

"Hey Leo, remind me when we get back to thank your parents again for paying for this trip." I called after Leo, who was quickly making his way to the beach.

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