Chapter thirteen

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The harsh blare of an alarm forces (Y/n) to pry open her heavy eyes, dragging her charging phone off of the side she turns off the 6:30am alarm that's labeled 'work' groaning as she rolls out of bed.

(Y/n)s lock screen was covered in texts from Bts from the night before, but since she's unwilling to even think of last night she turns notifications off and puts her phone on silent. Throwing on some black jeans, a black t-shirt and a random hoodie, (Y/n) avoids all mirrors as she brushes her teeth and washes her face, the mere glimpse of her reflection making her feel sick.

Whipping up a quick breakfast for her family, (Y/n) doesn't eat or drink anything before grabbing her bag and leaving for work, even going as far as to avoid calling out to Bts somehow unable to bring herself to face them.

Chelsea was right, why would Bts like someone like her?
Bts wouldn't have stayed with her if it wasn't for the contract.

The remnants of the alcohol she drank the night prior hangs heavy over her mind, but what gives (Y/n) a bigger headache is Chelsea's words that seem to haunt her, constantly rattling around her brain on repeat. She slumps down onto an empty bus seat, just sitting there silently watching the world go by.

Finally reaching her place of work, a generic store that sells mundane everyday items, for everyone, (Y/n) avoids eye contact as she greets her coworkers quieter than usual. A couple of them she doesn't recognise, so (Y/n) barely squeaks out a polite hello and short introduction before her hands start to shake and her eyes water, finally she goes to greet the stores manager, Eddy.

Eddy is a man in his mid forties, balding and sporting a hefty beer gut, he's a good few years into wasting his life away. He dropped out of university decades ago and he claims it's because, 'his mind was bored by the easy lectures, and he had bigger ideas to start his own business, he just needs to save up a bit more.'

But everyone who knows Eddy, assumes it's because his laziness pushed him into a path of mediocrity that eventually, led to a neglectful indifference towards his academic life causing him to quit. The nail in the coffin being his over attentive mother who never pushed him to fly the nest, causing Eddy to still cling onto her to this day like a basement dwelling parasite.

So now he is a bitter middle aged man who's stuck in a dead end job, and uses his authority as manager to make himself feel special. Those who suck up to him he treats with leniency, but those who land themselves in his bad books get sucky jobs, bad hours, and they have to make up for the lack of work his ass kissers skip out on. So a lot of employees inevitably can't handle it and quit. Good thing for Eddy that (Y/n) is an easily controlled push over who he can willingly exploit.

"You're late," Eddy scolds (Y/n), snapping out of her daze as she checks the clock, 8:03, well he's not wrong she's three minutes late. Apologising profusely (Y/n) picks up the pace, throwing her bag in her locker she flings on the company vest. Eddy scoffs at her but doesn't continue on the matter, mumbling about adding time lost onto the end of her day.

(Y/n) starts her long shift. Since this stores location was always understaffed, even more so with Eddys favourites chilling in the break-room, (Y/n) finds herself rushing about the place; restocking shelves in the canned goods aisle, returning racks full of clothes from the changing rooms to their rightful places, cleaning a spill in aisle 9, desperately trying to teach a new hire with no prior training how to work the cash registers, at some point Eddy even gets her to help unload lorries of inventory, as he relaxes having fun in the break room, only leaving when it's absolutely necessary, or when he needs to kiss up to a customer.

Trodding onwards (Y/n) makes no fuss or complaint, ignoring her head that's slightly pounding, and the rumbling that's ever present in her stomach, she stumbles forward. It feels like a lifetime before her six hours were up and (Y/n) can finally take a ten minute break.

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