Chapter ten

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For the first time in what seems like forever (Y/n)s week flew by; not once did she have to eat alone, people started acknowledging her existence, Chelsea acted like the cruel things she did to (Y/n) never happened, while (Y/n)s cousin Stephanie bit her tongue and tolerated her frustration with a shallow smile. Although as the school week went by the two of their eyes are filled with more and more disgust, jealousy and hatred, all poorly hidden behind a thin veil of fake kindness.

The only thing reflecting in their eyes is Bts. What other reason did they do this all for?

However (Y/n) finds herself giddy on her first ever fulfilling week at school, making her judgement dull. Allowing hope to seep into the deep depths of her heart, (Y/n) looks forward to the school life she wouldn't have ever dared to imagine before. With each day being like a dream, (Y/n) failed to take note of how every now and then Chelsea's and Stephanie's mask would fall revealing their true, ugly, intentions.

She was just so delighted, (Y/n) ended up forgetting that dreams are only for those who are asleep. And she is very awake.

Bts have also been busy this week, not only were they catching up on their lack of modern knowledge during the day at school, at night when they couldn't be with (Y/n) they decided to work on getting money in less than innocent ways, but hey what's the worse that can happen, they go to hell? Too late for that one buddy.

With the money they collected throughout the week, Bts rented a small house close to (Y/n)s place to use as their base of operation. They all thought it would be better if they had a place even if it wasn't lived in, somewhere they could go at night when they weren't working, since it would be kinda creepy if they just hung around (Y/n) watching her as she slept.

Saturday has rolled around and (Y/n) excitedly looks through her wardrobe trying to find her only good dress for the party that's later on tonight, she checks over and over but the navy blue dress was nowhere to be found. After checking the floor of the wardrobe, the laundry, and her dresser drawers she slumps to the floor, she couldn't think of where it could be.

Time running out she goes to the living room in a last attempt to ask if anyones seen it, and sure enough there is Stephanie sitting with the rest of her family on the sofa, in the very navy blue dress that went missing. Standing there shocked (Y/n) debates whether she should or shouldn't open her mouth.

(Y/n) honestly thinking that their relationship has improved this past week takes a deep breath and asks cautiously, "ummm Stephanie? I'm not sure but is that my dress? Cause, well, I was planning on wearing that tonight..." Unwillingly pulling her gaze from the tv Stephanie looks down at (Y/n) whose eyes are already locked onto the floor.

Smirking at the fool she retorts in an innocent voice, "there was nothing I wanted to wear in my closet, so I went through yours and found this! I'm surprised you had such a cute dress, normally your clothes are ugly. Anyway I'm sure you have other dresses you can wear so I took this." (Y/n) opens her mouth to retort in a tiny desperate voice, "but that's my only dress..."

Aunt Gretta turns her big ugly head as soon as she hears back talk and in a screeching yell reprimands (Y/n), "DON'T be so SELFISH (Y/N)! You can't ONLY have ONE dress so STOP LYING. STEPHANIE IS NOT HURTING ANYONE BY WEARING YOUR DRESS. You're cousins IT'S NORMAL for you to SHARE your stuff WITH HER. That's what FAMILY DOES, they SHARE, but of course an UNCARING, EVIL, SELFISH, USELESS, UGLY, BRAT like you can't understand someone as kind, beautiful and caring as Stephanie. You probably look ugly in that dress anyway, it will look better on my daughter, say sorry and hurry up and get ready or we will leave without you!"

Embarrassed and ashamed with herself (Y/n) squeaks out an apology and rushes to leave the room, a shadow casts over her heart as she looks over her wardrobe, surrendering to indifference (Y/n) gives up on looking nice and throws on some jeans and a black T-shirt, mumbling to herself she looks at herself in the mirror, "what was I thinking I wouldn't look nice in that dress."

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