Chapter twenty one

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Thursday came and went, and in a single day rumours of varying degrees spread across the school like a wildfire, each one telling a different narrative, all of them wondering exactly what happened in the principal's office.

Some of them say that Y/n turned it around and got Chelsea falsely accused, others say that Chelsea was moved out of school for her own safety while the police collected evidence. But for an unknown reason it was like everyone threw away their logic and reason, coming up with increasingly elaborate conspiracy theories, all of them completely refusing to believe the simplest answer, which is Chelsea was the one in the wrong and Y/n is innocent.

Stephanie feigned sickness for the past two days to skip out on a bombardment of unnecessary questions. She's unsure of whether she should stay loyal to Chelsea, or jump ship and begin to spread her own narrative. However secretly, deep down, she kind of wishes that this is Chelsea's end, cause if she's gone someone's gotta take her place, and the next most likely candidate is her.

Friday comes around, and as usual Y/n gets up and gets ready for school. After preparing her family's breakfast, and making sure that the remaining chicken soup she made for Stephanie was heating up on the stove, Y/n smiles to herself and leaves the house.

As always, as soon as Y/n's house fades out of sight seven familiar figures seemingly appear out of thin air.
Jung Hoseok leaps onto Y/n enveloping her into a tight hug, happily cheering, "good morning my little bundle of sunshine!" Giggling Y/n can't help but think that Hoseok's much more deserving of that nickname.

Slowly they begin to walk again as Y/n does the now normal morning greeting with the other members. Jin gives Y/n a warm smile and quick hug as they walk, only to be pushed out of the way by Jimin and Taehyung, who take one hand each proceeding to swing their entwined hands in a energetic fashion, even forcing Y/n to run away with them from Jins angry rant and revenge.

When Y/n can't run any further the two finally free her as they continue their escape, cheekily laughing with each other as they sprint away, closely followed by Jin. Y/n watches happily as they chase each other, suddenly feeling a hand ruffle her head, looking up she sees Yoongi who grins softly, motioning towards the energetic lot with his head as he rolls his eyes, causing Y/n to giggle.

A separate arm slithers around Y/n's shoulder as a heavy weight begins to lean on her, there is a slightly grumpy and sleepy Jungkook. He's obviously not a morning person, yet he still gives Y/n a soft, "morning." Jungkook continues to use Y/n as a crutch until he is pried off of her shoulder, the weight now transferred to Namjoon, who gives Y/n a small nod, a blinding smile, and his own greeting.

Y/n notices that they are all in a lot brighter spirits compared to yesterday, because of all the strange rumours that popped up on Thursday they were quite pissed off. Originally even Y/n was mad at the stretch that some of those rumours reached, but after seeing Bts get mad for her she simmered down. Not to mention Y/n believes that principle Lewis would make a statement at today's assembly.

Little did she know Bts have a plan of their own.

The school day passes normally, people still go quiet as Y/n walks past, whispering amongst one another, but one glance from Hoseok is enough for their words to get caught in their throats, allowing the silence to become even more deafening.

The guys that forcefully restrained Y/n, and the girl that slapped her, only got suspended for a day with an additional week's worth of detention, so they are already back in school and glaring daggers at Y/n from across the room. It seems that neither Chelsea nor Stephanie told any of them what actually happened in the principal's office, so they believe they all got dragged into the Y/n conspiracy theory.

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