Chapter seven

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As soon as the bell rings for break, the whole class seems to swarm around the seven new students. A variety of questions are thrown about, each of them being answered with some kind of believable lie. Despite originally being at the centre of the seven, (Y/n) is quickly pushed out of the way, and in a matter of seconds is on the outside looking in, wishing that she could stand next to the demons who seemed so close to her mere moments ago.

Nimbly grabbing her things (Y/n) decides not to cause them trouble with her clinginess. She watches the gap between them grow further until she can't take it anymore, and decides to move onto her next class. In the doorway (Y/n) regretfully looks back at them, just one more time, not jealous or hateful of their instant popularity, just lonely for being forced to see how different they are compared to her.

Questioning why is she like this? Why is she not good enough?

Bts feel a twinge of pain in their chests, all of them at once looking up at the classroom door, but (Y/n) had already slipped away. They glance at each other and realise immediately who they should be going after, their one job was to make sure she wasn't lonely, and they had already failed. They originally wanted to blend in seamlessly alongside (Y/n), but it's clear that this plan didn't work, and in turn they hurt their contractor.

Bts' once kind and accommodating attitude does a 180, shocking the crowd that seems to have grown across to other classes.
Hoseok's change of attitude causes the largest shock to the surrounding students, his once bright and chipper facade instantly falls, making the air around them turn into an icy static that pricks their classmates skin, peoples feet are glued to the floor as their legs begin to slightly tremble.
Everyones completely overwhelmed by the atmosphere their new idols are letting off, as their faces drain of colour. Jhope takes no time to push all useless people out of the way, making a clear exit so the rest of them can leave. No one dares to move. No one dares to make a sound, in fear for what will happen if they do. No one wants to find out.

Bts split up to look for (Y/n)

To (Y/n)s relief her next class is English with Mr Conner, she likes the teacher in that class because he is one of the very few people in the school that's actually nice to her. He also allows (Y/n) to hide out in the small storage room next to his classroom, in exchange for her helping him to carry out the textbooks kept there for his lessons.

Entering the classroom (Y/n) sighs in relief to see that it's empty except for Mr Conner, who's sitting at his desk reading a book. Noticing a presence he looks up and puts down everything in his hands, bringing his full attention to (Y/n), "hey! Aren't you a bit early for my lesson? Well since it's my prized pupil I guess I can make an exception just for you," He remarks playfully as (Y/n) lets out a half hearted giggle.

Immediately he takes note of her dejected mood, "What's the matter? Family issues again?-" he rises up from his desk and hurries over to her- "I've told you before and I'll tell you again, my couch is always open if you need it," Mr Conner volunteers while comforting (Y/n) by softly rubbing her back, coercing her to take up his offer.

Thankful as always for his kindness (Y/n) smiles but politely declines, "I'm sorry, thank you though, I'm fine, I promise, I guess I'm just not in a great mood today," she says hiding the truth behind what really rained on her parade. Before Mr Conner can open his mouth again, the classroom door slams open and Taehyung comes strolling in.

Mr Conner straightens up and slithers his hands away from (Y/n)s back, Taehyung takes note of this and glares at the teacher. Ignoring the hostile gaze aimed at him Mr Conner speaks up, "I don't recognise you, you must be one of my new students. Nice to meet you I'm Mr Con..." He gets mercilessly cut off. "(Y/n) this is where you were? Geez we've been looking for you everywhere! We even split up to search for you, I can't believe you ditched us!" Taehyung whines, pouting cutely, taking no time to pull up a chair in front of (Y/n), resting his head on her desk. Not giving the teacher the time of day, focusing on the girl in front of him.

Flustered (Y/n) panics trying to explain her reason for leaving, worried that her abandoning them caused them unnecessary problems, "I'm sorry! It's just I saw you guys surrounded by everyone, and I... well... it's not that I... it's just that I felt... I'm sorry!" Unable to put what she feels into the right words to say, (Y/n) keeps repeating her apology because that's the only thing she knows how to do.

Grinning his boxy smile he shuts (Y/n) up by softly cupping her face, and delicately brushing his thumb across her cheek. A sweet hush is murmured past his lips, as (Y/n)s cheeks are dusted with a light pink, "did you perhaps feel lonely to see us surrounded by your peers?" Taehyung purrs, giving (Y/n) a small nudge in the right direction, to help her tell him why she was upset.

(Y/n) is enamoured with his tender tone, and how he managed to pinpoint what she felt so easily, despite her struggle to put it into words. Building up her courage she nods her head ever so slightly, eyes watering, Taehyung pats her head smiling proudly, "Thank you for telling me, I'm sorry for leaving you alone like that" he says sincerely. Before (Y/n) can refute his apology Mr Conner coughs making (Y/n) jump back into reality, she blushes even harder then before, fanning her face in hopes that the slightest bit of cool air can chill her embarrassment, Taehyung glares at the teacher for ruining their moment.

Mr Conner turns to (Y/n), ignoring Taehyung and opens his mouth to start probing into her private life, "So you two know each other? I didn't know you had any friends outside of school, I thought you just went to work and then returned home. I hope you're not getting mixed up in the wrong crowd," He states in the same worried tone a father would give his daughter, placing a firm hand on (Y/n)s shoulder giving it a squeeze, only emphasises his feelings.

Awkwardly (Y/n) tries to come up with an excuse, pushing down the guilt she feels for lying to Mr Conner, "Uuumm yeah, we met recently by accident, it was a coincidence though that they move school here, I was pretty surprised myself when they showed up" (Y/n) tells a vague version of the truth, keeping how they met, and why they know each other, very very vague. However instead of dropping the clearly uncomfortable topic Mr Conner continues prodding, this time questioning the number of 'new friends', he asks seriously with a malicious undertone in his voice, "they?"

(Y/n)s eyes widen, her heart hurting like she's just been accused of cheating, but before she can reply the door is slammed open. The rest of Bts come barrelling in, as soon as they see (Y/n) they all start to apologise to her for their actions, just like Taehyung did minutes ago.

She sits there in shock at the variety of admissions of wrongdoing, (Y/n) has never gotten so many apologies before in her life, things were always her fault. Unable to stop a confused chuckle rising to the surface, (Y/n) brings all her attention to the six of them, listening to what each of them have to say. Wondering if she even deserved to accept these heartfelt apologies, since she was sulking over such an inconsequential matter, and it was her fault she didn't go up to them.

But overall (Y/n)s thankful that she now has an excuse to avoid Mr Conner who's slinked back to his desk. However when (Y/n) glances up at him he's happily smiling at her like nothing ever happened.

Did she just imagine that harsh tone in his voice? (Y/n) assumes he's just worried about her and smiles back at him.

The bell rings, everyone takes their seats, and Mr Conner begins his lesson.

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