Chapter nine

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Skilfully (Y/n) manages to herd Bts down the many corridors and into the lunch hall. At first the whole room was bustling with rowdy chatter, however to (Y/n)s horror each group they passed, what once was unruly and uncontrollable chit chat turns into muted whispers and cautious glances. Every time she looks up a new pair of eyes seem to lock onto her, looking down on her, judging.

Feeling nauseous (Y/n) hunches over keeping her eyes on the floor, as she tries her best to shrink and hide herself at the centre of the seven. Although her seven demonic walls did a good job blocking out most of the outside world, much to (Y/n)s dismay from time to time cracks would appear in her line of defence, glares filled with scorn, disgust, and revulsion fill her vision and plague her consciousness. Torturing (Y/n) with a hatred that is so certain within her own mind, but could very well be nothing but a pebble on the side of the road in the minds of others.

Despite (Y/n)s internal panic, it seems that Bts' little outburst towards their fellow classmates has already spread across the whole school. The outburst (Y/n) is completely unaware of, and this outburst being the real reason that leaves the whole lunch room in hushed whispers.

Finally they arrive at an empty table, (Y/n) waits for all of Bts to choose their seats before she can take what's left. Yoongi notices what (Y/n) is doing and without a single word he leads her to a central seat, makes her sit down, and then immediately takes the seat next to her.

He looks smugly up at the others, a smirk forming on his lip, realising what Yoongi just did they all gasp in betrayal and suddenly it's a free for all for the other seat next to (Y/n). After fighting tooth and nail the space is won by Hoseok, and those still with energy left clamber for the seat directly opposite to (Y/n), the winner being Jungkook, and on either side of him are Jin and Taehyung.

Her anxiety distracted by Bts' antics (Y/n) gleefully giggles as Jin, Jimin and Taehyung pout and complain at the fact they didn't get better seats. Namjoon just chuckles and brings everyone's attention back to (Y/n) as he asks, "(Y/n) could you tell us what this break is for?" Shocked at the sudden attention (Y/n) fumbles over her words as she awkwardly replies, "O-oh U-um it's just to eat food and relax I guess, you can either pay for school meals or bring your own pack lunch."

The seven of them nod in harmony as Hoseok questions, "which one do you normally have?" This question brings (Y/n) back to this morning, as she remembers being so rushed that she forgot to pack anything for herself.

On good days (Y/n) packs herself a lunch of leftovers from the previous night's dinner, that's if she gets lucky enough for there to be anything left.

However most days she deals with just a sandwich, not to mention all the unnecessary rules aunt Gretta has put in place for (Y/n) to follow while making it. Rules such as;
She's only allowed to pick one filling of either ham, cheese, or cucumber.
If she chooses either ham or cheese only one slice can be used.
If it's cucumber, five slices are allowed but they can't be over 5 millimetres.
Use up the end pieces of bread before using normal slices.
And only use two spreads of butter, one for each slice of bread.

It's not like (Y/n) can have school dinners either, because according to a particular aunt they are an "unnecessary expense, she's unwilling to pay for" despite both her children eating school meals. Since (Y/n) is so desensitised to aunt Grettas antics she ends up faithfully following every single stupid rule, in the tiny inkling of hope that obeying her rules might make her love (Y/n).

Sheepishly (Y/n) blushes and scratches the back of her head, "normally I have a pack lunch, but I was rushing this morning so I guess I forgot to make it. Good thing I'm not that hungry," she sneakily adds that little white lie on the end, so she can avoid troubling them more than necessary. After giving Bts more details on what she normally has, what others might have, and what the school provides, Jin takes no time at all to pretend to reach into his bag and bring out some fancy ornate wooden boxes.

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