Chapter twenty two

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Y/n happily stocks shelves on what's supposed to be her weekend off. She's already worked four late shifts after school in hopes to get a couple days to herself, but things never go as planned and someone never showed up to work. So Eddy, her boss, made the last minute call commanding Y/n to come in and take the empty place.

Luckily it was one of Eddy's suck ups who bailed today so it was only a morning shift. Y/n has been excitedly checking the clock all morning and finally saw it's exactly on the dot, and her shift has officially finished.

Today is special since she'll be hanging out with Bts, despite the fact that they've hung out plenty of times at school, and Bts have also come to her house uninvited multiple times. Today is different since the rest of her family will be home, so they will be going out out.

Heading into the break room Eddy is lazing about on one of the only chairs as usual, playing around with his phone. Meekly Y/n avoids eye contact, as she messily grabs her stuff from her locker in an enthusiastic flurry. Sadly she couldn't escape catching his attention, and is unable to avoid Eddy's questioning that's filled with suspicion.

"Where are You going?" Eddy snaps as soon as his eyes tear away from his phone and land on Y/n. Shocked Y/n stops in her tracks, gulping she respectfully answers, "I'm going home? my shift is over sir..." Eddy snorts and checks the schedule sheet, showing clearly that he didn't believe her, and that he had to make sure Y/n's not leaving a minute early.

Double checking the timetable, the clock on the wall, as well as the clock on his phone, Eddy sees that Y/n's safe by a minute or two. And since he can't complain about anything he lets out a dissatisfied grunt, choosing to grumble about something else, "Well be Quieter when you leave Then! Making such a ruckus! You're distracting me from my work. Kids these days... never knowing what proper day of hard work is. Such a generation of spoiled brats who only know how to mess about and play with their phones."

Apologising Y/n is now much more cautious when gathering her stuff, however she still keeps up the hurried pace. Y/n scurries off in fear of angering him, and being given a stupid reason to do more hours, or worse getting fired.

Half jogging, half walking, Y/n rushes to her bus stop, her stomach bubbling with excitement. Hanging out with friends. She's actually going to hang out with friends! Y/n can't remember the last time she's actually been so excited about going out. Leaving the house to do something other then going to her job, going to school, or running an errand for her aunt and uncle. A normal day with people who will actually show up, and not pull a mean prank on her.

While waiting for her bus Y/n can't stop fidgeting, every few minutes checking the time on her phone, as if that would make the bus come quicker. Suddenly, a loud voice shouts from behind her, hugging her from behind, "guess who!" Recognising the voice Y/n immediately grins turning to see a soft looking Jimin.

Unable to hide the smile that stretches beautifully across her face, Y/n asks, "I thought you guys were waiting for me to go home to get changed?" Jimin holds up a peace sign retorting cheerfully, "we thought you'd be bored on the bus alone, and I was the one to win rock-paper-scissors! The other losers have to wait."

The bus slowly pulls up and the two get on, it's rather empty, only a couple people occupying the seats. An old lady with a little tweed bag sitting at the very front of the bus, a tired looking mother whose sitting in the seat closest to the empty space which holds her stroller, allowing her to keep one protective hand on the handle, and her other hand is on a plethora of grocery bags. She seems to be taking a well deserved short rest. And finally an uninterested man who sits right at the back, his headphones are on and his hood is up, blankly staring out of the window.

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