Chapter eleven

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(Your girls gonna mix it up a bit, enjoy this Pov change: Chelsea)

I am a perfect human. Ever since I could remember I was at the top of everything I did, and the centre of attention anywhere I went. I didn't have to do anything for people to love me, that was just how my world worked, I was born to be loved, to be praised, to be envied. The stars shone for me at night, and the sun would rise for me in the morning.

As the music blasts through the speakers everyone dances in my house like there's no tomorrow, colourful LEDs that change every couple seconds illuminates the jumping crowd. Foreheads glistening with sweat, as copious amounts of alcohol push them to continue dancing, kissing and touching each other in a tangled mess.

It doesn't take them long to notice me and Namjoon making our way through the crowd. Seeing how all of them unconsciously step back to make room for us, sent shivers down my spine. It's obvious that me and him are a perfect pair, everyone around us seems to know it as well, so why can't the only guys I've ever wanted, see that? I'm the best they are ever gonna get.

Just us being together made people crumple under my power, somewhat amused I watched their jaws hit the floor. Confidently strutting alongside Namjoon I cling to his arm as I imagine how I would feel if I had all seven of them by my side. If I feel this overwhelming power with just one of them, imagine if I collected all seven?

My heart feels like it's gonna burst just thinking about it.

I found out at a young age that it's my special privilege to keep everyone around me in order, those who have crossed me and those who are unworthy will stay at the bottom of the pile, or at least until I say otherwise. My word is law because that's how it's supposed to be.

Back in the days of my lonely one person world, my perfection, my power, my brilliance, were unmatched, so much so that I always felt a wall between me and everyone else. Although it was great to control others, not once in my life did I ever meet someone of my caliber, no one worthy for me to knock down those walls.

My supposed peers only knew how to grovel at my feet like rats, dating was like community service. I only did it to keep up appearances. Why else would I date an idiot, who is somehow considered the most popular guy in our school, but in my eyes he's a C at best.

So despite my popularity it felt like I was the only one in the world.

When I first saw those seven guys it was like a whole new world opened in front of my eyes. I couldn't believe that I wasn't alone. There were actually guys close to my caliber.

Obviously no one would be on my level but they are close.

For the first time, me, someone who has everything, burned with desire. I wanted them. Yet despite me being the epitome of perfection, my seven men all crowded around a useless nobody I dealt with ages ago. It was like they were all possessed by this demon of a bitch, who just wouldn't go off and die somewhere.

Pulling my attention away from my agitated thoughts of a certain nobody, I decide to bask in this small victory of mine. After a week of hard work, fake smiles, and flirting, I finally got one of them, I knew wearing my smallest dress was a good idea.

Wrapping my arms around Namjoon I pull him as close as I can and lock eyes with him. Deviously I lick my lips and whisper in his ear, "I guess you couldn't resist me in this dress huh?"
Lingering over his lips, I playfully tempted him with a possible kiss but, before our lips could touch I turned my back to him. This push and pull technique I've mastered through the years has ruined many relationships, so I'm certain I must be making a mess out of the usual stern faced Namjoon.

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