Chapter six

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With the weekend over, it's time for (Y/n) to go back to school. Clutching the strap of her bag she trudges past the school gates and into what (Y/n) considers one of her many hells.
Walking through the school grounds (Y/n) keeps her head down avoiding any and all eye contact, despite it being so early, that there are little to no students around.

Nervously (Y/n) thinks back to this morning.


To her surprise she awoke alone in her bed. Brushing off her slight disappointment (Y/n) gets dressed and goes downstairs to make breakfast, maybe even start on some of the chores she failed to complete yesterday. Hoping with all her heart that she didn't cause any trouble for her family, and that they will have it in their hearts to forgive her appalling behaviour, but overall (Y/n) has prepared herself to face whatever punishment Aunt Gretta has planned for her.

However, when (Y/n) reaches the kitchen a table full of food lays waiting for her. The sight of an already made breakfast puts (Y/n) in a daze. She knows for certain that Aunt Gretta would never cook something so grand, so it could only mean one thing. Snapping out of her trance (Y/n) frantically scurries around the house, mentally checking off the long list of chores that she was supposed to do, all of them were already completed.

Immediately (Y/n) is overcome with the guilt of pushing the punishment that was meant for her onto others. She calls out to her seven new friends to try and apologise to them for her laziness, and if it was possible she hopes that they could forgive her. Instead dread fills (Y/n)s heart when her words are met with nothingness... she calls out their names again and again, but only silence remains.

The fear of abandonment smashes down onto (Y/n) like a brutal wave mercilessly crashing down onto the shore. Knees buckling from under her, the girl falls to the floor murmuring their names over and over in hopes that just one of them will answer her. Yet the silence still remains. (Y/n) never thought that silence could be so crushing.

Suddenly (Y/n) remembers the mark on her arm, if it's still there then it must mean that the contract still remains intact. Hastily (Y/n) checks her arm and lets out a sigh of relief when the mark is still there, 'Thank God they haven't abandoned me... is it okay to thank God for that? Anyway now's not the time for that! I knew I should've done the chores myself, they are not answering because they're mad at me, I have to find a way to apologise to them,' (Y/n) delicately traces the mark on her arm as tears well up in her eyes. As always she pushes them down, feeling as though she doesn't have the right to cry, mentally bashing herself for being so useless, rude, and spoiled, just like her aunt says she is.

Looking up at the clock (Y/n) realises that times running out before the rest of her family wake up. Unwillingly pushing down her current dilemma (Y/n) quickly eats a couple slices of toast, washes the knife she used, and puts it back in its original draw.

During busy school mornings the whole family finds that (Y/n) gets in the way, so to stop annoying her family (Y/n) has gotten into the habit of setting off for school before any of them have even arose from their slumber.
Packing her bag (Y/n) rushes out of the house.


Heading into the school library (Y/n) gives an almost inaudible greeting, along with a small polite smile to the librarian. She briefly looks up at (Y/n), uninterested in the girl's existence entirely and looks back down at her game of sudoku displayed on her computer screen.

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