Chapter twenty

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Fourteen people sit lined up in silence outside the principal's office, seven on either side of the long grey corridor. Each group is glaring the opposing side down, clashing like water and oil.

This prickly atmosphere is interrupted by the principal. From the looks of it he is an exceedingly average man, his crinkly grey suit hangs slightly loose on him but not to the point it looks comical. His hair is dyed black to hide the ever encroaching grey, and the slight thinning is covered by a greasy comb over style, only noticeable if you're actively looking for it. He tries to put on an air of authority, but his sweaty brow gives him away as he wipes his forehead with his handkerchief.

Keeping his chin held high he calls in the main actors of this little play, (Y/n) and Chelsea, as well as two extra people, one from each side, which are Stephanie and Namjoon.

Chelsea, still in tears, clutches Stephanie's hand as they stumble into the principal's office, acting as pitiful as possible.
(Y/n) also slowly rises to her feet, her mind coming down from the shock as she begins to think a lot more clearly. Namjoons arm hooks around (Y/n)s waist as he gently guides her, worried that she's still shaken up.

Principle Lewis shuts the door as he takes a seat at his massive dark wooden desk, he motions for all of them to sit down in the four neatly lined up chairs directly across from him.

Chelsea takes a central seat as Stephanie sits to her right, (Y/n) sits as far from Chelsea as she can and Namjoon serves as the barrier between the two.

Fingers interlocking together Principle Lewis says stiffly, "now, what happened?"

Immediately jumping at the chance to speak, Chelsea attacks first, "I'm so glad you're the one dealing with this principle Lewis, I don't know what I did to deserve this-" she goes on to tell her side of the story, embellishing every detail to paint (Y/n) in a negative light, paired with the full water works, and Stephanie corroborating when necessary, Chelsea eventually finishes on- "I was so afraid. I'm just glad that a friend of my dad's here to help! Oh and can you call my dad to pick me up please? I couldn't possibly go to class after that, I don't feel safe!"

Principle Lewis agrees and gives a quick call to his old friend, then acting like that didn't just happen, he solemnly turns to (Y/n) and begins to reprimand her, "Miss (Y/n) (S/n) this sort of behaviour is Absolutely Intolerable in My school, and I will be taking Severe actions against you young lady, you'll be lucky if we don't get the Police involved."

(Y/n)s mouth almost hangs open from shock, Namjoon immediately jumps in to retort, the air around them tingling, every word he says is sharp as a knife, and his furious eyes slightly shifting into a shimmering grey, "Hold on old man. She hasn't even said her side of the story yet. So shut up and let her speak."

His bones chilling under Namjoons icy glare Principle Lewis almost yelps, he coughs as he straightens his golden plaque on his desk, almost as if to remind himself of his position in hopes to reclaim some composure. Awkwardly he snaps, "Young man I do Not expect That Tone from you. And it's not like Miss (S/n) has the best record, multiple cases of bullying from her earlier years, bad attitude, and constant bad rumours. Whatever you say won't change the fact that this Young Lady is a problem child, and compared to Chel-"

Frustrated (Y/n) cuts in softly, "B-but you haven't even let m-me say m-my side of the story... you just t-took what Chelsea said and decided to b-believe it, and if you just gave me the chance to explai-"

"DO NOT CUT ME OFF, Young Lady, you are walking on thin ice! From the looks of it multiple people saw you sitting next to the knife while Chelsea was locked in a bathroom stall, and this man here wasn't even there to see that. The violence used by Chelsea's friends to restrain you seemed perfectly justified since you were a danger to one of my precious students. Those kids should be applauded for their bravery for taking down an armed assailant." Principle Lewis looks especially proud when he snaps out that last line, acting as if (Y/n) wasn't also one of his students.

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