Chapter sixteen

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When (Y/n) wakes up she can't be bothered to move, she doesn't get dressed, she doesn't make breakfast, and doesn't do any chores, "I'll never be loved so what's the point?" Hiding under the covers she just can't bring herself to get up, so for the first time since she entered high school she hears her family wake up. Aunt Gretta's cursing from the lack of breakfast can be heard from downstairs, she hides further under her covers wishing to disappear. It doesn't take long for Aunt Gretta to break (Y/n)s door down and rips those covers off her.

"You stupid, lazy child! You overslept! I ask you to do one thing. ONE THING! And you can't even do that? Your mother would be ashamed of you, we took you in, we gave you a place to sleep, food to eat, an education, and this is how you repay us! Me and my husband work so hard for our family and you can't even do one thing in return for us! You are a horrible excuse for a human being, keep this behaviour up and just you wait and see, I'll kick you outta this house! If you're unlucky you'll be on the streets, but I guess that's something a rat like you deserves! If you're lucky you'll be put in an orphanage, but I doubt anyone will adopt teenage scum like you. YOU'LL NEVER HAVE A FAMILY AGAIN!"

(Y/n) just sits there with a blank face, these are all words she's heard before, these are all words she agrees with so she can't respond, but she can't help but wonder if they're even her family? They've clearly shown that they'll never love her, so why is she trying so hard? Why did she feel the need to act like she's stepping around glass every time they're near? These people are not her family, (Y/n) lost her family when her parents died in the car accident, she hasn't had one since.

But what can she do? What if they actually throw her out? Even though she would probably deserve it if they do, she doesn't even have enough money to last a month or two, most of her money has been given to her aunt for bills, the little she managed to save up has been chipped away at once again by aunt Gretta, and her cousins with a variety of excuses.

So (Y/n) waits for aunt Grettas rant to finish, apologises like always, and heads downstairs to set out a simple breakfast of cereal and toast. Her "family" doesn't let her sit at the table and make it obvious they are going to leave without her. (Y/n) doesn't care, she haphazardly throws the empty bowls and plates in the sink, and puts on some clothes, slowly grabbing the necessary books for today's lessons.

Despite her "family" being a hopeless cause (Y/n) still really wants to go to school, although the vibe of her peers were questionable yesterday, (Y/n) can try to find out what went wrong and apologise to fix it. Worse comes to the worst she can hide in Mr Conners storage room, he'll always help her hide. Even if the world is against her, Mr Conner will always help guide (Y/n) to do the right thing and help her apologise.

Dragging herself downstairs (Y/n) prepares herself for a tough day, however when she opens the front door (Y/n) comes face to face with a familiar figure, Jungkook. He grins a playful grin as he leans on the door frame, saying, "morning, I'm here to make sure you take a day off, the others are also gonna come by soon."

Checking the time (Y/n) realises she needs to leave for school soon if she's gonna make it on time, looking Jungkook in the eyes she says with a deadpan expression, "I'm fine I don't need a day off." Jungkook holds his arm out to prevent her walking past him. He raises an eyebrow, not believing (Y/n) at all, "no you're not, you literally passed out yesterday, believe it or not that's not healthy. So you're staying here with me!"

When (Y/n) tries to go under his arm Jungkook blocks her with his leg, before (Y/n) can retaliate it's too late, Jungkook picks her up and carefully throws her onto the sofa in the living room.

Jungkook leans over her, arms propping him up either side of (Y/n)s head. Looming over her their eyes meet, his eyes are bright, and he has a soft yet devious smile on his face. (Y/n)s eyes dart here and there, trying to find a way to escape, but before she can even move Jungkook grapples (Y/n) into a bear hug pulling her onto his lap. Back pressed against his chest (Y/n) struggles kicking her feet, wriggling about, mumbling over and over, "Jungkook, this isn't funny, let me go. I need to go to school."

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