Chapter Fifteen

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The six of them crowd into the small nurses office, they find (Y/n) lying down on the only bed in the room, her face washed out and dark bags hanging heavy under her eyes.

Bts look at her with complex and troubled gazes, Hoseok clenches his fist in frustration saying in a low voice, "we didn't see her for a day or two, how did she get into such a state in such a short amount of time? Why do humans have to be so weak?"

Yoongi speaks up as he pinches the bridge of his nose, "Namjoon's little outburst is probably to blame, what else could've happened in such a short time?" Hoseok clicks his tongue muttering under his breath in growl, "Tch... I don't know what the hell he was thinking, I should've punched him when I had the chance..." The rest let out tired chuckles, Jin patting his shoulder in comfort almost as if to tell him 'what's done is done, too late to do anything now.'

(Y/n) vaguely heard the commotion surrounding her and begins to come around. Her head constantly beats a dull pain as her eyes finally open, she props herself up as Bts' blurry silhouettes come into focus. As if (Y/n) didn't believe the scene in front of her she rubs her eyes, but sure enough there they are. Still she doesn't dare to hope, taking note of the missing member (Y/n) assumes that Namjoon sent them here to cut the contract off for good.

Sitting in the medical office devoid of emotion (Y/n) sighs, rolling up the sleeve that covers the mark on her arm (Y/n) tells them in an empty voice to, "get it over with." Bts look at her in confusion, Jungkook steps up checking (Y/n)s temperature to make sure she doesn't have a fever, asking, "what are you doing? We're here to take you home so you can rest."

(Y/n) wonders why they can't just get it over and done with, why do they have to be kind to her now? If they're going to end it, just end it. Don't give her false hope, don't force her to feel such warmth if they're just gonna take it away. It would be better if they treat her cruelly, than torture her with a world that she's now lost forever.

In a desperate attempt to keep herself together as her world falls apart, she pushes Jungkook away, uttering an icy, "stop." Despite her cold, unmoved, expression, (Y/n)s hands are slightly shaking, confused and shocked Jungkook  listens to her and slowly backs off.

Next Taehyung tries to comfort (Y/n), reaching out to cup her cheek. (Y/n) pushes Taehyung away as well. Aggrieved and fed up, (Y/n) wants to get the painful stuff over and done with, she desperately urges them in an indifferent tone, "I don't need your charity, and I don't need your kindness. Namjoon sent you guys here to end the contract right? So do it. You guys don't need to be tied to me, or run around after me anymore. You don't have to pretend to like me, or pretend to care, so stop with this act. Just end this."

(Y/n) brings her arm forward once again, her hands clammy and still shaking, eyes lifeless as she repeats the words, "just get it over with."

Bts finally understands what's going through (Y/n)s mind and looks at her in shock. Here is this weak human, who's just tired, so tired. It's like all the light in her eyes was doused mercilessly with cold water, smothering the small flame into non existence. That ember of hope used to dance and flicker so beautifully in (Y/n)s eyes, the hope that kept her trusting, the hope that kept her giving, the hope that kept her trying, the hope that kept her going had finally fizzled out.

They all stand there unsure as to what they should say, all of them desperately searching for the right words, the words that'll put (Y/n)s mind at ease, the words that'll relight that spark, but they all draw a blank. For the first time ever they wished they were angels, if they weren't demons, if they had some humanity left, then they would know what to say, and wouldn't have to shoot blindly in the dark, hoping that they'll get lucky and hit the target.

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