Chapter three

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With the mountain of dishes subdued and everyone in the house gone, (Y/n) can finally eat. Excitedly heading towards the dining room, she looks forward to satisfying the hunger that has built up over the past 30 minutes of rigorous dish scrubbing.

Bursting into the room (Y/n) heads towards the table to find that it's a mess of empty plates and glasses. Even the food she put aside for herself was demolished, the dish licked clean.

Disappointment clinging to (Y/n)s heart as she starts to slowly clear the table. Trying to ignore this heavy feeling (Y/n) tries her best to normalise and rationalise this behaviour, and ends up convincing herself that it's a necessary part of her punishment, and if she didn't make Aunt Gretta mad or cleaned while she cooked this would've been avoided. It's her fault.

Not able to find the energy to tackle the new mountain of dishes (Y/n) makes a simple bowl of cereal.

Hunger utterly crushed by this now prominent empty feeling inside (Y/n) just pushes the cereal around in the milk, not eating a single bite. Watching it all slowly turn into mush and fall apart. As (Y/n) stares blankly into the milky void she thinks of ways to ask for forgiveness, "I'll clean the whole house, make a great dinner. And actually finish the washing this time. Then I'll apologise properly to aunt Gretta once she comes home from work, once after dinner and once before she sleeps. Wait that's too much she'll find it annoying, I'll only apologise after dinner." (Y/n) decides nodding her head in satisfaction.

NJ: "Why should she bow her head to that woman? This girl has done nothing wrong yet she lowers herself to them so easily, where is her pride?"

J: "look she hasn't eaten anything either! To make such a grand feast and not take a single bite? Unbelievable! And it looks like she hasn't eaten well in months, she's just skin and bones!"

YG: "She really let that old lady take her pay-check, does this idiot need to be such a selfless pushover? That's Her money!"

JH: "I swear on Lucifer that I'm gonna deck this whole family with the sweetest smile on my face. Who the hell do they think they are?"

JM: "ugh that cousin with her ugly ass. Don't get me started on her, she is practically Dripping in malice and jealousy"

TH: "The uncle's dangerous, we shouldn't let him out of our sight, cause he isn't any kind of good news"

JK: "yo, guys, she really needs to go back to bed, after yesterday she should be lazing around and recovering. For a couple days at least"

Multiple voices can be heard conversing behind (Y/n), some bone chillingly similar. Snapping around she frantically searches for the owners, yet she's the only one in the room. Sighing in relief (Y/n) turns around wondering if she's finally lost her mind, "Last night, now this? What's happening to me?" (Y/n) mutters to herself.

The sight she sees once she turns back around causes her eyes to almost pop out of their sockets and jaw to drop to the floor. There sitting in front of her are seven very familiar angelic faces with enchantingly devilish grins. Panic stricken (Y/n) stumbles back in a messy attempt to escape, chair rocking violently tipping back and starting to topple over. Shutting her eyes tight (Y/n) waits for an impact that never comes.

Wondering why she hasn't fallen yet (Y/n) cautiously peeks at her surroundings. Heart dropping as soon as she sees that both the chair legs and her own legs aren't touching the floor. Fearfully she finally bites the bullet and makes eye contact with the seven men in front her, each of them looking at her in a strangely fond amusement.

"W-who are y-you? Why d-did you h-help me?" (Y/n) forcefully pushed out, stuttering in the process, 'a rude kind of guardian angel? They did help me after all' (Y/n) thinks to herself.

"GuArDiAn AnGeL, never heard that one before," Jungkook cackles with laughter the others trying not to chuckle. "Did you just Read My MIND!" (Y/n) screams in a strange, crossbred, Frankenstein's monster emotion of terror and a childlike amazement.

Not bothering to answer Namjoon ignores the question and takes over, asking the girl, "(Y/n) we met last night, correct?" Nodding obediently to show that she remembers Namjoon continues, "well you would have been dead if it wasn't for us saving you, but I guess you could also say the seven of us would not have awoken if it wasn't for your blood-" he waits for (Y/n) to show a sign that she's still following, she nods so he carries on,"- so in short, each of us formed a contract with you, hence the mark on your arm. In return of letting us use your body as a host you get another chance at life, as well as a wish of your choosing which will be the thing to bind us to you. Any questions?"

Allowing all this information sink in things start to slot into place; why there was no wound, the markings that appeared on her arm, and how she ended up in her bed despite passing out in the church. However (Y/n) was still unable to remember if she made a wish at all, she asks, "once you guys are gone will I revert back to my original state and die? Or will I be fine? Also, have I even made my wish yet?"

Namjoon starts speaking again, "Even when we're gone you'll be fine, after all my powers alone are enough for you to be healthy for a lifetime. And yes, you have made a wish, it was and I quote 'I wish to not be so alone'. Any more questions?"

Confidence having risen and not feeling like she's in immediate danger (Y/n) decides to try and ask a question she already probably knows the answer to, "what are you guys?"

All of them now grinning, in unison they almost chant, "we think you already know what we are (Y/n) dearest-"

"-We are Bts, seven of hells demons at your service"

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