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In this lil extra I'll go into a bit more detail as to why I chose each Bts member as each sin.
Each member will have their own backstory as to how they became each sin, these backstories will not be told in this extra but instead slowly be revealed as the story continues on.

Namjoon: Pride
Otherwise known as vanity, a big reason I chose Namjoon as this sin is because I came across the quote, "the sin from which all others arise" and I think we all agree that without Namjoon, there wouldn't be the Bts we know and love today, he is the centre of Bts.

Another main reason is because I wholeheartedly believe that Namjoon deserves to have pride for his achievements, I'm sure a lot of us were there when Namjoon wasn't as appreciated as he is now. He's come such a long way and finally got the recognition he deserves.

The way Namjoon will help (Y/n) is that he will show her what she's truly worth, Namjoon has always loved army and will teach (Y/n) to love and appreciate herself, the same way he's done for many of us. He will prove to (Y/n) that the way people have been taking advantage of her is wrong and that she deserves much more.

Namjoon deserves everything and not only should his talent be recognised by everyone else but also himself, therefore he is pride.

Jin: Gluttony
Jins my ultimate bias (going 3 years strong) his sin is pretty self explanatory, he's a huge foodie, seeing Jin eat makes me happy so I couldn't stop myself in making him gluttony, it just fits him so well.
I honestly can't wait to write so many scenes with him feeding (Y/n), cooking with her, taking her to get groceries, and going out to eat with her. He's there to teach (Y/n) the joys of food she's clearly forgotten, after all it's been a while since she's had a proper family meal with people who care about her.
Sometimes when people are sad all enjoyment for food vanishes, everything is just bland mush, nothing tastes good, and nothing seems worth eating.

Jin is here to change that

I will warn you, I made his backstory a bit weird, it's definitely the strangest one out of all Bts' backstories but I'm kinda in love with it, it's one of my favourites.

Yoongi: Greed
I replied to a couple comments about why I chose Yoongi as greed instead of sloth so some of y'all might already know this but I'll say it for those who don't.

One so many people wrote him as sloth it was too easy for me to do the same, and I had a lot more inspiration about how he could help (Y/n) as greed then I did when I imagined him as sloth.

Two, I chose greed because of the line In 'no more dream' "I wanna big house, big cars, and big rings" it's one of the bigger factors that lead me to him being greed.

Three, I know everyone in Bts works unbelievably hard, but Yoongi's hard work is something that really stands out to me. He's gone from having to choose between eating and having money for the bus, into a global sensation.

He deserves all of the wealth and success he's worked so hard for, therefore he's greed.

Hoseok: Wrath
Some of you might be wondering why I put our happy sunshine boy as wrath and the answer is simple. It's interesting.
To have someone so happy and bright have this uncontrollable anger lurking just underneath the surface sounds fun to write about.

Right now (Y/n) is a very weak character, she cannot stand up for herself, so for now I like the idea of giving Hoseok the serious role as her protector. But you'd be surprised how many of Bts can fit the role of wrath and protect (Y/n), what makes Hoseok different is the bright and positive side of him.

(Y/n) can't hide behind him forever, and that's where the bright side of Hoseok's personality comes in, he's perfect to support and encourage (Y/n) to stand up for herself.

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