Missing Mum!

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Waking up I was no longer in my own home. I started to panic trying to think about where I was, then it all came flooding back, the monster had killed my mum! I need to get out of here away. I sat myself up to climb off the bed until I realised something was restricting me.  I looked to see what it was. I have a silver handcuff on my wrist attached to the bars of the headboard. I tried to pull, hoping my wrist would squeeze out. It hurt so much but the pain was worth escaping.

The sound of the door banging stopped me. Max entered with his usual evil grin on his face. He walked closer causing me to get back on the bed. "It's no hope my love". He stopped walking towards me. "We can be together again just YOU and ME, like it used to be." I looked at him in pure hatred. "I WILL NEVER BE YOURS!". He just started laughing which sent chills down my back "Sweetie no one can hear you, and you need to have respect for me as this is my home". I sat there in disgust "respect you, you don't deserve anything from me" he shook his head and grinned. "Oh but sweetie you will be". I look down to the bed letting my tears flow freely. "why are you doing this". He climbs on the bed while leaning closer to me. "because you hurt me!"

"I HURT YOU, you killed my mum in front of me" I start crying, going over the memory of her being shot, over and over. I turned my face away from him, trying to hide my weakness. Within seconds my chin was harshly grabbed by his large muscular hand making me face him, he suddenly forced a rough kiss onto my lips, I was defenceless. I tried getting him off but I only had one hand which he pinned to the bed. I kicked and kicked which was no use as he pinned my legs down with his other hand. I was stuck under him. Finally he broke the kiss. "Your mums death was your fault". Was it really my fault? Did I do this to her? 

Coming out of thoughts, I felt him squueze my leg. He had a tight grip pulling me closer to him again. "owww Max your hurting me". He just smiled. "just like you hurt me". I felt fear come over me "b-butt you said you wouldn't hurt me anymore, I left you for a reason. I will never love you again". After the last word was said he slapped me across the face, I began to cry again. I turn and hide my face in the covers. I could feel the mark burning my face. He wrapped his hand in my hair pulling me back to face him making me wince. "Who's going to stop me. You WILL love me again, don't you worry about that". He then got up and walked out before I could say another word. I hate him. I hate him so much.

I laid there, letting all my tears fall until I was too exhausted and layed back down. I suddenly woke up all sweaty with tears running down my cheeks. I was dreaming about all the nice memories I had with my mum. Like the time we went shopping and had a great girlie shopping day and the time we went to the beach and sunbathed telling crazy stories but it all too quickly turned into a nightmare as reality hit me. When I realised I couldn't have no more happy memories. It hurt to think she was gone.

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