Next Morning

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The next morning, I woke up with Derek's arm still around me, I tried to slowly move it  "DON'T, lie down or I'll take you into Max's room to sleep." I moaned and laid back down I must of fell back asleep because when I woke up again, I turn around Derek was no longer there. I look around the room to find he was looking in his wardrobe. He had no top on just black skinny jeans on. I continued to watch him, he had big strong legs with a perky bum, he has such a muscular back with muscle in places i didn't even know you could get. I couldn't take my eyes off him, he turned around and started laughing, wow he has such a toned stomach "enjoying the view are we Missy" i feel my cheeks heat up. That's so embarrassing I didn't know how to answer so i ignored him. I turned around facing my back to him. Without me realising he had walked over to me and grabbed my foot and harshly pulled me off the bed "what the hell! Why did you do that?" Derek's eyes weren't on my face, i followed his eye line and noticed he was looking down at my pink frilly pants. I Instantly pulled the top down, i completely forgot i was just in the top  "ooi I was liking the view and you've had enough sleep for today" I could feel my cheeks heating up again. He started laughing " What! Not my fault you wore a top that shows your panties" is he being serious right now he wouldn't let me stay in my clothes "yes it is you wouldn't let me stay in my clothes." he didn't even get angry he just carried on laughing "you never asked for trousers or shorts, so yea it is your fault" I was speechless, I didn't know what to say I never thought of asking for bottoms "see Missy your fault, awee I make you speechless, how cute". I got up to my feet and laid back on the bed. I started to close my eyes again when Derek's annoying voice woke me up. "oi oi noo you're not sleeping because if you go bed then I have to too, bedroom rules" I was so tired and wanted to sleep a little longer, "come back to bed then" he laughed and sat on the bed "you can sleep for another 10 minutes but that's it" I nodded and started to fall asleep again. He began to play with my hair which was surprisingly really nice and comforting. I felt back asleep straight away.

I started to get shaken awake, opening my eyes slightly i see Derek. Has it been 10 minutes already felt like 30 seconds. I moan and groan, i've never been a morning person. I feel myself drift back of to sleep when i feel something strange slowly going up my inner thigh. I shoot up and pushed Derek's hand off me. "What are you doing" I asked with a shaky voice  "I was waking you up, I knew that would work" I gave him a death stare. "well don't , don't touch me!" his facial expression changed so quick it sent shivers all over my body, I got Goosebumps "what happened last time you said that Susan Smyth" I could tell I annoyed him with his tone and how he said my whole name, I had the flashbacks of yesterday, it hit me like a tonne of bricks when Max strangled me for being rude. "I'm sorry pleasee don't call him, I won't be rude again" I hated how he made me feel so weak, I didn't have control of what I can and can't say or when I go sleep, I had no control over my own life anymore "you're on your last chance Missy, and I can touch you whenever I like actually" I felt sick inside. "I'm sorry, please don't", He continued to stare at me "good you better be, or I'll tell Max what you did last night" I was terrified "I wo-on't!" Derek put his hand back on my leg and went up my inner thigh again his eyes just starring into mine, he wanted me to react that's why he was doing it, he continued going up my leg, he reaches my upper thigh and was heading to my pant line, I wanted to rip his hand of me but I couldn't. I had to let it happen. I started to panic, shivers ran down my spine, I had all these thoughts rushing to my head which scared me more. I looked down at my leg then to Derek. Tears start to roll down my face. I really hope he doesn't do nothing, I prayed. He reached my knicker line, I felt myself trembling, my tears getting heavier and heavier. I looked down to the bed and stayed quite, I didn't want to make it any worse. He went further up and went over my knicker line, up my stomach he was getting closer and closer to my bra now. When he got to it, he headed towards the back, he was heading to my strap. When he reached my scrap my eyes went wide. I looked up at him and saw him smirking. His grin grew wider and I felt him unclipped it. I reached to the front of the top to stop it falling. "A a aa Susan, I would let go if I was you, don't want to make it worse now do we" I dropped me hand causing my bra to fall to the bottom of the top. He got my bra in one swift movement and threw it on the floor. "Missy you've lost the privilege to wear a bra all day." "WHAT pleasee, don't take it away, i beg, I'm sorry" i feel so vulnerable "you're going to make it worse for yourself if you carry on" I hate him so much. "why are you doing this" he wiped the tears away from my cheek and grabbed my chin and squeezing it tighter as he spoke causing me to wince "because you hurt my brother so I'm going to hurt you!" he got up off the bed and picks my bra up and put it in his wardrobe on the top shelf, somewhere I would never be able to reach. I'm only 5,2. He then walked out the room and locked the door. I was left in the room all on my own, but I was glad I hate Derek and Max. There both monsters. I laid on the bed crying more than i feel i ever have, it felt like hours had gone by with me being left alone, I didn't care though because I was away from them. What did i do so wrong to be treated this way?

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