Glimpse Of Freedom

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Susan's Point Of view

I woke up to find myself in a room, but it wasn't the room i woke up the day i came here or Derek's room, it must be Max's I started to panic as I remembered what he did to me last night. I touched my head and noticed it stopped bleeding, still sore though. I climbed out of bed, my legs feel so weak, to stop my self-falling to the floor I grabbed onto the bed. I walked along side of the bed and went over to the door, it was unlocked to my surprise I walked out and heard Max and Derek at the end of the corridor on the right, they must be still in the kitchen. I turned left down the corridor, continuing to look back as I reach the end of the corridor it came to a set stairs I quietly went down them and it came to a door it looked like a front or back door, I opened it but it was locked, I looked around there was emergency hammer on the wall near the stairs, I never knew how to use these things. It said smash glass to open. I punched it but no use, I tried again and again until it finally cracked. I pocked me head round the corner to see if they heard me, to my luck there was no sign of them anywhere. My hand was bruising I could feel it I was cut by the glass and was bleeding but at this moment in time I didn't care I was desperate to get out of this hell hole. I got the hammer out and smashed the glass in the door, climbing out I cut my leg slightly but nothing big I could still walk. I am finally free.!! As I stepped outside It came to a forest, well to me it looked like a forest it had so many trees and you couldn't even see the end. I looked around more and saw a phone box. I started to run towards it, Pushing through the pain of my leg.

Derek's POV

Me and Max had been chatting for hours waiting for Susan to wake up, she had been out for over 36hours, nearly 2days. She had lost so much blood she needed the time to recover, but I was getting slightly worried in case she was in a coma "Will Susie be awake yet bro" Max looked over at me with a concerning face "let's go check she should be by now".

We had gotten up the stairs when we saw the door open, we ran over to the door to see the bed sheets turned over and an empty bed. "F*ck we forgot to lock the door, she bloody gone". I checked upstairs no sign; Max went to check downstairs. I heard a window smash; it came from the opposite side of the corridor. "MAX THINK I FOUND HER" Max came running towards me "WHERE, where is she" he face lit up with anger "I heard a window smash she must of smashed the back door somehow" we ran down the stairs and saw the emergence hammer was gone with blood all over the glass.

Susan's POV

When I reached the phone, I dialled '999' as fast as I could. They finally answered and spoke:

Lady: "what's your emergency"

me: "I've been taken by my ex and he k-ki-lled my mum, pleasee help me"

Lady: "What's your name and age, young lady"

Me: "My name is Susan Smyth and I'm 21!"

Lady: "Where is your beeeeeeeep"

(Phone was cut off and call was ended)

Me: "hello hello, pleasee help me"

I dialled '999' again but It didn't even ring. I put the phone down and turned around I saw Max and Derek running towards me. I screamed "nooo pleasee leave me alone" I started to run again, I was scared to death and my leg was still dripping with blood and giving me a numerous amount of pain, I ran into the woods. They got closer and closer. I carried on running further and further into the woods, I saw a van. "help pleasee" I ran over to the van, "pleasee there trying to kill me" the man got out the van and walked over to me. "Please quick drive". Max and Derek were now at the van too. Derek spoke up "Mate how are you doing, just ignore this one she on pills as she's not in good shape and keeps harming herself just take a look at her hand and leg if you don't believe me." He grabbed my wrist and looked at my hand. "Ahh I see mate, she had me for a second then" I snatched my wrist back and stepped back, getting couple steps away the strange man grabbed me "nooo pleasee there lying, let goo" He pulls me closer. "how do I know you're not lying" they both just laugh "come on bro we wouldn't lie to you, just hand her over she needs her medication" he looks down at me and puts me behind his back "I'm sorry mate but I'm going to take her with me" they both laugh which confused me and the man. "NO we are the sorry one's" before he got the chance to answer, Derek pulled out a Grey and Black pistol and fired twice, the man got hit in the leg and in the stomach he fell to the floor holding on to his stomach to stop the bleeding, I bent down to help him "run my dear" another gun shot was fired and it hit him in the chest on his heart side I don't know if it hit his heart. I got up to my feet and stepped backwards, turned around and started to run.

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