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I could hear footsteps coming towards the doorway with the sound of talking, which meant it was both of them coming in this direction. I turned my back so when they come in, they can't see if I'm awake or not, I heard the lock turning and the door open. 

They strolled in and one sat on the end of the bed and I could feel one looming over me, I don't know which way round it was as I couldn't see but I didn't care I wanted to be left alone. Silence was broken when one finally spoke "morning gorgeous" I could tell that was Max which meant Derek was on the end of the bed. I ignored him, then he spoke again but this time louder. "Babe don't ignore me, I know you're not asleep" I turned around for a second and replied, "leave me alone both of you, I don't want to be near any of you" they both just laughed. Derek spoke first "awee Susan are you all upset" I ignored his cocky remark "get up now or you'll lose more privileges and trust me you won't like what we have in mind" I hate the sound of that, I sat up and pulled the duvet over my legs. "see Missy it's not hard to listen and be good" sarcastically comes from Derek. "what do you want" I was so annoyed at Derek for what he did. "now now you'll find out soon" I'm going to hate this aren't i "sounds wonderful" i responded back. "you need to stop with the attitude NOW ,I mean it because your pushing your luck here young lady" Max says with a horrible and cruel tone. I've got myself into a mess again, if i change the subject he'll forget he's mad at me "can I please go toilet" they both looked at each other and spoke. Derek went first "how do we know you want the toilet" I was confused how to answer that "umm I don't know stand outside the door and listen in if you have to" then Max said something which I had a feeling wouldn't be very nice compared to what Derek said "if we let you go toilet on your own than you lose the privilege to sleep alone for a week" I was right. That's not fair I only want the toilet. So I thought maybe I could compromise with them "can I get changed in the toilet too." They both looked at each other and nodded. I was so relived. "where are my clothes, I took off yesterday Derek" they both had this evil glimmer in their eyes which tell me i'm not going to like there response. They are not going to let me where my own clothes are, they. "your clothes are gone, we have you a new set of clothes". I am literally praying it's not revelling or slutty. They hand me the clothes and I had a pair of black jeans with a white plain top and a black hoodie, also on top of the pile pants and socks which were black bog-standard but still no bra, I didn't even think about asking for it back, was no point they wouldn't give it me back and also i don't want to push my luck. "the rule is if your out of place or in the wrong your clothes gets more revealing and slutty but as you're not aware of the rules yet we let you start fresh today "okay thank you, what rules are there" they both smile. Derek speaks "you will get ready then we will tell you all the rules and things." Max pointed his head towards the door and  I followed him to the bathroom and locked the door. I heard Max say "you have 3minutes and if you're not out then we are coming in." I gulped as I remembered when I was getting changed last night with Derek. I went to the toilet first then started to get changed I hated not wearing a bra, I didn't have massive boobs but they were noticeable but at least they can't see them with the hoodie on. I was done getting changed but as they hadn't come in yet I suppose I had a minute or so to spare, I washed my face and put my hair up, my hair is a dirty blonde which is medium length not too short and not too long, just the way I liked it. I starred into the mirror and went into deep thought 'I need a escape plan' 'will I ever get out?' 'how did he even find me' 'what was he doing for the past several months' 'why is he sharing me with his brother' . I was broken from my thoughts when i heard the door unlocking, they didn't even knock. "you done misses" says Derek. "yes, I'm done thank you". We headed down stairs into the kitchen, the kitchen was lovely and clean with pearl white worktops and cupboards. There is two slices of toast and cuppa tea already set out on the Ireland in the middle of the kitchen with a lady cooking at the oven. "Derek is that your girlfriend" he shot me an angry look "No it's not you stupid girl" I was so confused. Max then started to speak "that's the maid she cooks and cleans for us" I looked over at Derek "sorry my bad, I thought she was" he looked at me "well you guessed wrong, I think it time we went over some rules." We walked over to the island in the middle of the kitchen. I sighed and was dreading as to what they are going to be. They actually printed them out, can they get anymore psycho. It was a A4 piece of paper.

So bold it even scared me to think of what would happen if I broke any of them

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So bold it even scared me to think of what would happen if I broke any of them. As they were going through them, it sounded like I'm not allowed to do anything. "you know number 4 does that include me being rude?" they nodded their heads. Max spoke to make it clearer "if you are rude, disrespectful, horrible, bitchy or anything that is wrong you will receive a punishment by whoever is giving it you." then Derek added on "That's where privileges get taken away from you" I nod my head to show I understand "how long till I can sleep on my own?" Derek speaks this time "we need to talk about that as we haven't spoken about if you were good last night." I was so worried to find out how many punishments I'm going to receive. "are you going to hurt me?" I look to the floor ready for the answer. Max lifts my chin up to look into his brown clear eyes. "Me and Derek are going have a chat and see what we both think. Then we'll decide". "Can I be in the room, can I stay here?". They both looked at each other and started talking quietly I tried to listen to what they were saying but they were too quiet. They finished their conversation and looked back over to me "we want you in the room to see what you need to improve on and so we can ask you questions if necessary" I gulped and replied "okay" I looked down to the floor again. Max looked towards the maid "get out; we need to have a private conversation" I felt so sorry for the maid he treated her like trash. She just slowly walked out, then Derek and Max looked over at me. 

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