Privilege Gone

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Max was staring at me with frustration, I looked to the floor in order to not make eye contact. "Look at me" I pretended I didn't hear him. He said it again but this time louder and with more aggression "I said LOOK AT ME" I looked up slowly. "WHAT" I replied. I had completely forgetting the rule about respect until after I said it. "What did I say about respect, it's not hard" I started to panic and tense up "I'm s-so sor-ry I forgot" he raised his hand ready to hit me I squeezed me eyes shut. "Max, cut her some slack she's tired and it's her first day being here" I opened my eyes and felt Max release me and step away.

I turned to look towards Derek "Can I get some rest please" he just nodded. I walked towards the bed as I was about to climb inside the duvet Derek spoke "A aa a Susan" I looked up at him confused. "Yea" I said politely. "You've lost your privilege to sleep alone remember"

My heart dropped, i felt sick "Pleasee don't make me, I'm sorry" anything could happen with sharing a bed with one of them. I was so scared to think of wall the things they could do to me in the night "Susan stop, you don't want to make it any worse" I stayed quite looking to the floor "That's better, you will sleep in my room tonight" i look up shocked, I automatically thought i would be in Max's room, although i would feel safer in Derek's room. I look towards Max, his face lit up with anger, he wasn't impressed "NO she's MINE, I will have her in my room" I felt sick inside. Derek looked over at me then then Max and replied in a serious tone "She was rude to me and I took away the privilege so I will take care of her and make sure she behaves, don't worry bro, I'll enjoy punishing her if she don't" Derek says winking at me. Punishment? What type of punishment? Max said nothing, he walks towards me. Why did he back down from his brother so easily, that never happens. The closer her got the more I cowered  back into the wall, wishing it would suck me up like something out of Alice and the wonderland "You better be good Smyth because if you're not you will be receiving two lots of punishments" i didn't even get chance to respond when he presses his lips onto mine and I push him away which was easier to do then expected. "what did I just say!!" I shiver "I'm so-rry" He comes closer to me and whispers in my ear "Kiss me or else I'll make you sleep naked next to my brother tonight and me tomorrow" I started to feel light headed "Okay I'll kiss you" a grin appeared on his face "good Smythy now it better be good or else you know what will happen" I hated it when he called me by my second name, I lean in for a kiss and he grabs my face in his hands and roughly kisses me back like he was craving the kiss. I hated kissing him, but I didn't have a choice. It felt like hours, until he finally broke the kiss. He smirked at me while saying "good girl see not hard to follow instructions is it!" I nodded to agree with him.

After the kiss I looked over at Derek with embarrassed. Derek started to speak "come on Susan let's get you to bed" I walked over and said "thank you Derek!" Don't know why i'm saying thankyou he doesn't deserve it. We turned and walked out the room which led to a long hallway which lead to the living room, i was shocked at how nice everywhere was in here, it was all marble white with a white sofa. with a massive tv on the wall. Walking out the living room we headed up the flight of stairs to another hallway. Which i'm guessing leads to their bedrooms, this house is huge.

Derek opens his door with a silver key and walks in. Why does he need to lock hid bedroom door, that's strange. I'm about follow until I was pulling back by Max, i turn to face him and he kisses me on the forehead "be good sweetie and he won't do nothing but if your naughty or out of place, I've said he can do anything to you, so you better be good or else you'll have me to deal with too and I know you don't like my punishments" he grins as he knows full well I don't. I nodded and turned back around to face Derek room and knocked on the door to play it safe, i need to be very careful with my actions "Come in Susan" I walked in. "Please can I get some sleep, I'm really tired" he looked over to me and points to the king-sized bed. "get in, you will sleep on the left as I sleep on the right, I moaned at the fact that I had to sleep next to him, I didn't think he heard me but I was mistaken he gave me a death stare which felt like it went straight through me. "do you have a problem there Susan" I looked at the floor and started to play with my hands. He spoke again but this time louder and with a hint of anger. "Susan, I asked you a question don't ignore because I swear, I'll make you that vulnerable that Max won't be able to resist doing something." I looked up in horror to think he would actually do that "no no I don't have a problem, I'm just tired" he smirked.

He walked over to the wardrobe and got out one of his tops, turning back to me and walked over "put this on" I looked at the top in his hand, it looked like one of his, maybe a large, it was a plain white top with the small adidas logo on the top right. It would only just cover my bum, which I didn't like the look of. "please can I stay in my clothes I have on now??" he smirked and laughed at my question "NO get changed" I stepped back and replied "no, I don't want to". His face lit with anger, i've never seen him like this before it was frightening. I knew then I said the wrong answer. He walked closer to me, when I reached to where I was, he pushed me to the floor and started shouting "YOU WILL DO AS YOUR TOLD REGARDLESS WHAT IT IS! NOW GET CHANGED BEFORE I MAKE YOU SLEEP IN MAX'S ROOM!". I couldn't move I was so frightened. Don't think that impressed him either, he pulls me up by my upper arm causing me to yelp and pull on my arm, he tightens his grip and pulled me over to the bed pushing me onto it. So many thoughts came crashing into my head. What's going to happen next? Is he going to hurt me? 'What if he touches me Inappropriately'.

He pinned me down on the bed and started speaking again this time with a serious tone which scared me more "you either get changed into my shirt or you go sleep in Max's room and with the things he said about you, I know he won't be as nice as I am with letting you wear clothes in bed, the choice is yours to make and your actions can lead to me choosing for you, I think my brother deserves a little treat from you, as of what you did missy" at the last sentence I gulped and had tears flowing my cheeks. I replied in a low and quite tone "no I'll get changed into your top" he smirked knowing he had me wrapped around his little finger. "what did you say you want to sleep with Max, okay I'll call him in"

Then the next thing I know he shouts for Max "MAX come here for a sec" I tried to get Derek off me put I was stuck under him, tears flowing heavier now. "noo pleasee I'll wear it" Derek looks down at my face and wipes my tears from my cheeks "you could have said that sooner Susan!" I looked at him with annoyance, still crying I try to get my words out "I di-id" I suddenly hear is the door knocking, He was here! "bro what's up". I look straight up to Derek to see what he was going to say. "Yo bro come in for a sec" my eyes grew wide and I darted to look at the door. Max walked in with a confused expression on his face. He looked at me then looked at Derek and back. "yes, what do you want". Derek looked at me "you forgot to give Susan a good night kiss, I know you normally did when you were dating" Derek said that looking at me and smirking. Max looked at me and smiled "thanks bro how could I forget." Derek got up off me and I tried to get up off the bed but before I could do anything Max was sitting on top of me, replacing Derek. Pushing me back onto the bed. "awe Smythy I'm so glad to have you back, I've missed you" he ran his hand from my hip up to my face which caused me to shiver.

He cupped my face and looked into my eyes, I felt so uncomfortable, I turn my face towards the duvet but Max moves my chin gently towards him again "A aaa Susan" he leans down to kiss me, he was so gentle and not rough at all, it reminded me of when we first went out, the nice, caring Max. It was such a sweet kiss it made me forget all the bad. He broke the kiss and smiled; I gave a little smile back. He climbed off me and pulled me to my feet, he hugged me and i hugged him back "night night gorgeous sleep well, see you tomorrow, make sure your good, you don't want to wreck my mood now do you" I smiled and even let out a little giggle "thank you, night. No, I like you like this". He hugged me one last time and placed a kiss on my forehead then walked out shutting the door. 

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