What The Fuck Is This?

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p.s. Thats's not Susan and Derek in the picture.


Waking up in a really shitty mood. I go into my brothers' room to see if they both are up. When I walk in, I see my brothers arm wrapped around her and them laying so close to each other that there's no room in-between.

I am so furious right now, I yanked her by the ankle and ripped her from the bed onto the floor. When I saw what she was wearing I was even more angry. She had just realised what's going on when she speaks "Max what have I done wrong" she starts kicking. I look over to the bed to see if Derek Is still asleep, but Susan had woken him up by screaming. Derek sits up in bed and as soon as he sees Susan on the floor in pain he leaps out of bed wearing only his boxers which angered me even more and he got up in my face and yanked her ankle out of my grip and pushed me up against the wardrobe. I was so confused as to why he is acting this way. "what the hell bro" I could see his face light up with anger. "DON'T bro me" He put his hand onto my neck and started to speak again but with more anger and louder "I'm sick of you scaring and hurting Susan for no reason, when she in the wrong then yea she deserves it but these past few times she's done nothing and your pushing your luck I will do what I said and dont push me to because I will!" I felt so disappointed and let down that my own brother is sticking up for the brat. He let me down and I went over to Susan to apologize or was I.

Derek's POV

He walked over to Susan to apologise; he holds out his hand to pick her up. She looks over to me and I nod and give her a little smile to let her know it's okay. He lifts her up and was she was up on her feet he pulled close to hug her. I loved it how he did what I said. He began to speak "I'm so sorry Susan" I smiled and leaned against my wardrobe crossing my arms.

Susan's Pov

I put my hand into Max's hand after Derek reassured me that it's okay. When I got to my feet max pulled me closer to him and pulled me into a hug and said "I'm so sorry Susan" I was so shocked he never said sorry and I mean never. Why was he being nice, I was so confused. He then put on of his hands in his pocket and out again I thought nothing of it until I felt my top lift a bit. I tried to push away but he just tightened his grip so I couldn't move, Derek didn't seem to notice my struggle. He then whispered in my ear "dont make a noise or I'll kill you right here and your mum will be next" I shivered at his harsh words. I nod to show I understand. Then I felt a pain in my ear as he pressed his teeth against it and bit down. I started to moan quietly at the pain it caused but shortly after I felt a sharp and killing pain which caused tears to sting my eyes, I tried to push away again but only led to him tightening more and more. I was trapped and I couldn't do nothing to get out. I felt a liquid running down my stomach and on my hip. It stung so much I wanted to scream but I couldn't.

Max's Pov

I reached my hand out and lifted her to her feet. Pulled her into a hug and said in a calm and apologetic tone, I was laughing inside "I'm so sorry Susan" It was so hard not to laugh out loud, but I had to keep fooling my brother. I reached into my pocket and got out my pocketknife which I always carry with me everywhere. Lifting her top she tried to push away but I tensed up and tightened my grip so she couldn't move. Derek didn't notice her struggle thankfully. I went to her ear and spoke in a harsh and warning tone "dont make a noise or I'll kill you right here and your mum will be next" I felt her shiver with fear, we made me even happier. She nodded to show me she heard. I then moved my head up a little and bit down on her ear to see if shes would listen to my instructions. When I knew she was going along with my plan I took it further. I got the knife and where her skin was showing on her top, I dragged my knife down and pierced her skin making lines. Bloody was dripping down her hip onto the floor. She tried to push away again but I tightened my grip on her. She eventually gave up. She rested her head on my shoulder and I knew she was hiding her tears as I couldn't feel them soaking in my t-shirt. After I did about 6/7 lines on her side, I let her top back down and spoke into her ear again "Now be a good little bitch clean your face up and act normal or you know what will happen." She looked to the wall wiped her tears and stepped back with me letting go of her this time. I looked over to Derek "happy now Bro" Derek smiled and replied "much, now you can leave" With a full on smirk I replied "I'd be happy to" and with that I left the room and went to my room got some things and went out.

Susan's Pov

When Max finally left, I took the chance to lift my shirt up to see what he did, I felt like crying my eyes out I looked so bad and was still bleeding. "Susan you really quite" I took deep breaths and tuned around "yea I'm okay, can I go toilet please" He looks me up and down I am praying he doesn't see the blood or me and my mum are in danger. He then looks up to my face and walks closer. My thoughts were going wild 'shit he knows, I'm done for' when he was inches in front of me, he stared into my eyes. Then he smirked. "kiss me then you can go" I needed to stop the bleeding I felt so dizzy. "can't, I do it after I'm desperate" he frowned then started speaking again. "finee but it better be good as your making me wait" I nod quickly. Then head to the door and walk toilet, Derek trusts me to go toilet without him following me now. Which is good because it makes me feel like I have more freedom.

As soon as I reach the bathroom, I lock it and lift my top and look in the mirror. I broke down in tears when I saw it more clearly. I got some tissues and tried to clean up the blood. I dont understand what I did wrong for him to do this. I did everything I was asked to by Derek and I hadn't spoken to max that night.

I wiped the blood off the marks, but it kept running still. I searched all the cupboards until I finally found the first aid box and got the bandages and wrapped it round my stomach with a pad on to stop the bleeding dripping. I went toilet and washed my face and teeth then unlocked the toilet and walked out the door, when I suddenly hit a hard chest and fell to the floor I wince in pain as my stomach is in so much pain. I look up to see Derek standing there with his arms crossed. "what's up, Derek" he holds out his hand and I grab it and he lifts me to my feet. I moan as my stomach killers every time I move. When I got to my feet Derek didn't look impressed at all he grabbed my hand and walked me, well practically dragged me as he walked so fast. He got to his room and he slammed his door open and dragged me inside and slammed the door shut again. He pushed me onto the bed, I was so confused on what was going on.

Derek's Pov

I push her onto the bed "SIT" she looked at me with such a confused expression and didn't move. I went over to a mark on the floor "what the fuck is this" she looked to the floor and when she saw it her eyes went wide and she stands up and walks towards me "sit back down" she carries on walking ignoring what I said, is she seriously pushing her luck. I walk towards her I could see her tense up, When I reached her I pushed her to the floor she instantly moaned and grabbed her hip with tears streaming down her face. I bent down to her level and her eyes went wide. The closer my hand got the further she went backwords. I grabbed her leg and pulled her back, so her face was next to mine. Her breath quickened "pleasee noo no" I held my hand up and she shut her eyes instantly which hurt me that she thought I was going to hurt her. I only hurt her when its needed and right now it's not. I grab her arm and she instantly tenses up "pleasee I'm sorry, I've already been punished today, no more pleasee" I was so confused 'already punished by who because I haven't' I pulled her arm down and I could she her blue eyes all teared up. She looks down to the floor instantly, so I raise her chin to get her to look into my eyes, but she looks past my face, I squeeze her chin to let her know I want her looking at me. She slowly looks up and tears again roll down her face, I wipe them away with my thumb. "I haven't punished you today gorgeous so what do you mean! "Her eyes went so wide and she started to worry. I could see worry and panic in her eyes. I dont understand why she is being so scared. She looked down to her hip and back up to me. Which lead me to doing the same. I move my hand towards her top "I want to look at why you're in pain" she shakes her head "noo noo I'm fine" I knew she was lying I could tell. "well I'm looking anyway" she starts to move and fidget. I pull her back and pin her legs down to stop her moving with one of my hands. I get closer and push her back to the floor and move so I'm straddling her but not putting my weight on her. I go to reach for her top again, but she pushes my hand away God shes doesn't give up but thats what I like about her. I grab her tiny wrists in one of my hand and put them above her head. Switch my hands over and reach for her top I finally grab it and lift it up she tried moving to stop me, but I wasn't going to stop not a chance.

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