Bite To Eat

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Derek broke the silence "Are you hungry" I smiled instantly "ooo yes I'm starving" he laughed. Pointing to the bed he tells me to "lay down ill bring it in to you" I climb onto the bed and wait patiently for him to come back. He was gone that long that I managed to fall asleep. 

I feel myself gently being shaking me "Sussy dinner" I open my eyes slowly and start to stretch and moan to wake myself up more. I sat up in bed and Derek sat next to me with a plate full of sandwichs and fruit. It all looked so delicious. I went to grab a sandwich but he moved it away before I could "ooi I'm hungry" he grinned and spoke "For ever sandwich and piece of fruit you have, you have to kiss me" I was debating weather or not to do it but I was so hungry and my belly is rumbling too. "okay fine but what happens if u have some" There was something about his eyes which warmed my heart it's like they have a twinkle in them. "if I have a piece then I have to kiss you" I knew it wasn't fair but I dont mind kissing him to be fair. I nodded and grabbed a ham sandwich first before I ate it, I could smell the fresh ham and fresh bread. I kissed him on the cheek and was about to take a bit before he pulled my hand back before I could "what I kissed you" he grins and chuckles to himself "that was a peck not a kiss" I roll my eyes at his comment. "and you have to kiss me twice because you rolled your eyes misses" I lean in and kiss him twice on the lips and finally take a small bite. You wouldn't believe how nice a plain ham sandwich is when you haven't eaten for 3 days. I grab another and turned away to eat it before he could stop me, but he pushed me back and took it from me. "A aa a no cheating because you cheated you have to prober kiss me every time now, so no kiss done it has to last." I rolled my eyes because I knew he was enjoying this. "and if you carry on rolling your eyes I'll at a little tongue" I was shocked as he was being so unfair "you can't do that it's not fair" he just laughs to himself "well roll your eyes again and we'll see what I can and can't do" It's really hard to stop doing what your use to doing, sometimes I dont realise I'm doing it. "Can I have my sandwich back please" he grins slightly which tells me he's not going to let me off that easy. "your forgetting to do something first" I was so close to rolling my eyes. "fine but only because I'm really hungry." he moves the plate and pats the bed next to him, I move over, so I was right by his side. I turn to face him, and he stares into my eyes, he had suck lovely eyes. He leans forward and I do the same, are lips meet, after a while he broke it and handed my sandwich back but before I grabbed it, he took a bite. "heyy that was mine" he's so cheecky "hmm this is delicious" he stole my sandwich which slightly annoyed me. "I'll get another one it's fine" I went to reach one, but he moved the plate away from me. I followed the plate with my eyes and moved closer so I could grab it. It was no luck as he just moved it further and further. He put it on the set of draws. I leaned over him to try reach it.

Derek's POV

She started to lean over me to get the plate back. She's so cute with how she tries to get her own way. I push her so her backs on the bed and I'm leaning over her. I climb on top of her and lean in for a kiss. She kisses back I'm shocked as she usually just lets me kiss her but these two times, she's kissed me back. I move my hands to her face and cup her cheeks, she drives me crazy with her ways like how she rolls her eyes when she doesn't agree with something. I break the kiss after a couple of minutes. I didn't want to end this heated moment, but I knew she was hungry and tired.

I sit up and climb back off her and watched her sit up. I reached over and grabbed the plate. "here you can eat freely now, as you did I really good kiss just" she started to blush "thank you" I sat there silently watching her while she eats. She looks up and starts to speak "I'm full thank you" I smile and take the plate from her "are you tired Sussy" she rolled her eyes at me, man that makes me crazy "dont call me that I dont like it, I want to see my mum" I was shocked, I wasn't expecting her to ask that. I stopped and started into her eyes I could see her little icy blue eyes literally staring into mine waiting for a reply. "you can't see her for too long" she brakes eyes contact and looks to the floor. I see her fidget with her fingers. I raise her chin and kiss her on the lips. She pushes me away. Which angered me, I'm letting her see her mum and she won't even kiss me back. "you won't even kiss me, so why should I let you see your mum" she looked at me instantly and her eyes were so wide. "noo noo please, I'm sorry I won't push away again" I loved It when she pleaded. "make it up to me and I might let you see your mum" I could tell by her actions that she was trying to think what to do. "but how?" she makes me laugh when she acts all innocent. "you need to decide that not me". She sat there fiddling with her fingers. I knew she didn't know what to do, I'll give her a bit of help "times running out" she looked up and her eyes went so wide. "pleasee I dont know what to do" I started to shake my head "5,4,3" while I was counting she jumped off the bed and stood in front. I watched her every move which caued me to stop counting. 

She came closer and sat on my legs with her legs round my side of my hips. She looked at my lips then to my eyes. Her eyes had a slight hint of worry. She leaned in for kiss and I cupped her face and kissed back. I missed the taste of her soft pinky lips against mine. It was a rough kiss, I stood up with her still around my waist, I broke the kiss and laid her down on the bed with me straddling her, I lean down and kiss her again but this time I added a little tongue. She knew she had to kiss back if she wanted to see her mum tonight, she allowed my tongue to explore her mouth. The kiss was so pure and heated. I loved every second of it. It lasted for at least 5minutes. I broke the kiss and climbed off her. She lifted herself up onto her elbows and looked to the floor. I walked over to her, pinching her chin a little making her eyes meet mine. "You may see your mum now" as soon as I said it her eyes lit up and she had a little smile on her face. "See when your good you get rewards".

I stepped back and held out my hand to help her up. She reached for my hand and stood up. We walked out my room and down the hall to her mums' room. I unlocked the door and walked in. I was so shocked when I entered. Susan's mum was lying on the floor and had blood on her face and a black eye. Susan ran over to her crying her eyes out "What did you do to her?!" I was so confused to what had happened. "I dont know Susan, I'm going to get max and find out!". After that I left the room with so much anger. We were getting on so nice and he's gone and wrecked it again.

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