Plan Gone Wrong

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Sarah - Susan's Mum POV

He knows what he has to do. "Derek go get what you need, When you've proven to my daughter it was a misunderstanding what happens next" he looked at me stunned, i don't think he knows how to anser my question.

Derek's POV

What happens next. I don't know! Even if me and Susan were okay again as soon as Max wakes up from being unconcious he will wrap her round his little finger. The only thing i can think of is to leave while he's out but how?? Is that even possible and it would mean we would have Max hunting us for the rest of our lives as he's crazy over Susan he won't stop till he has her in his grasp. "I don't know, we can't leave he'd only hunt us. I have no solution" i looked to the floor, is there any point in getting proof, it's never going to work. Looking at Susan's mum she looks like she thinking. She's not going to think of a plan. "It's not hope Miss Smyth, were trapped" 

Sarah - Susan's Mum POV

"It's not hope Miss Smyth, were trapped" I don't believe that for a secound, your never trapped ina sitaution there is always a solution to any problem. i had an idea come ot mind "If we leave while he's out he  wouldn't be able to track up and we'd have a head start and does he even know how to track us" he looks towards me shocked but then smiled "he doesn't even know how to use a computor" Really!!! that's shocking but good for us. "Derek i have one thing i want you to promise me" he looks at me for a secound before nodding. "i need you to proimse you won't hurt my daughter anymore" he looks to the away with hurt written all over his face "I promise miss Smyth i won't ever hurt her again, i never wanted to in the first place, i will earn your trust and her trust, i only want ot make her happy" That makes me smile and feel slightly less worried, we needed to get this plan into action before the dreaded monster of a man wakes up. "Derek go pack and get things sorted, i will wait here for you to collect me after you have everything in the car waiting and have Susan in the car ready" He instently got up from his feet and nodded "I will be as quick as i possibly can" without saying another word he left the room. 

Derek's POV

Is this really happening am i leaving my brother behind and not turnong back. Yes i am, i don't want to live like this anymore. I have a safe place we can all go, far away from here and MAx doesn't even know of the place. I go into Susan's room and slowly and quitly open the door hoping she asleep. I peep my head around the door and see her fast asleep, she's so cute when she sleeps. I head towards the Wadrobe and grab her clothes leaving behind all the clothes which are reveling don't need them. I pack them inside her suitcase which weused to move to this house after her attempt to run last time. Once i was done i leave the room again, having one last glance over at Susan oeacefully sleeping. I head towards the garage door and unlock my car, opeing the boot i place everything inside. I head to the drivers seat and start the engine, turning the heating on to warm the car up. i open the garage door and drive the car to the front dorr to have a quicker escape. 

Heading back inside i walk past Max still lying unconcious on the floor. Quietly going round him i go to his pocket and take out his phone, very slowly. Once i had his phone i stuck it in my pocket and headed back up the staires to Susans room, I gentally try lift her without waking her. Her eyes slowly start to open up "shh Susan, go back to sleep" her eyes only got more open and she starts to shiver "Susan calm i'm not going to hurt you, were leaving" i say very quitely.

Susan's POV

I feel as if i'm floating, I open my eyes slightly and see Derek. What's he doing i start to wake up more and feel panic rushing through my body. "Susan calm i'm not going to hurt you, were leaving" he says to me wispering, What does he mean were leaving? Where's my mum? Where's he taking me? "Where we going? What about my mum?" Derek walks towards the dorr and heads downstaires "Susan your mums coming too, i'm getting her after you" i start to relax and stay quite, we walk downstaires and see Max still uncoucious on the floor. "Is Max coming too" he looked down at  my and shook his head. That's strange. We reach outide and i shiver, it's so dark outside and was freezing, i cuddled into his arms to try warm up but it didn't work. We reached the car and he bent me down to climb in, I slidded over to the other seat and curled my legs to my chest to try keep warm. "Susan i'm going to get your mum now, Stay here and be quite, me and your mum will expalin everything after. There is a blanket in box under the chair, you can use that" I nodded and he left. I was freezing, i reached under my chair to grab the box and pulled it out from under my chair. Opeing the box, i pulled the blanket out wrapping it around me, that's better i;m feeling warmer already. I bent back down to close the box when something else caught my eye. In the bx there was a pistol and a first aid box. I shut the lid and left it alone. 

I watched the door and waited to see my mum and derek come out, i started to worry there taking so long.

Derek's POV

I have Sarah on my arm to support her up while she walks, it's so upsetting beacuse i did this to her and she did nothing wrong. Heading downstaires walking past Max we walk out the door Susan's face lights up when she finally see's us coming out the door. Her face suddenly changes from happy to frightened. "Max noo" I turn around but i it's too late a gun shot goes off and i check myself but it didn't hit me, it hit Sarah. I layed her down on the ground and applied pressure to the wound, she was shot in leg, it was bad. She was losing alot of blood. "Did you really think you could take them from me Derek" Max spoke with venom in his words. I failed and now i have no hope. "Guessing myplan didn't work" i looked over at him, if i wasn't trying to keep Sarah alive i would of Punched him square in the face. He raised his gun towards me "Derek i thought we were brothers. You disappoint me" I look away ready for the shot to be fired, can't believe after everything Max still gets everything he wants. A gunshot goes off but i don't feel anything. I check myself over but was suprised to see no blood. I look over to Max he had a gunshot wound one his chest with blood staining his t-shirt, he falls to the floor in agony. Who shot him? Who ever it was they saved me? 

I turn to look behind me and see Susan crying holding a pistol in her hand with the other hand supporing it. She saved me but why? She looked at me and started to form tears, they rolled down her precious face "Susan it's okay, lay the gun down on the floor. I need your help" She slowly lays the gun on the floor and walks over to me and her mum. He tears become heaveier when she see's the blood. "Susan listen to me, i need you to grab the first aid box" she stands up and runs back to the car grabbing me the first aid box. She comes running back and hands me the box "is she going to be okay" I look into her eyes "Susan she's in good hands, i know what im doing. Go wait in the car, it will only gross you out as i have to get the bullet out her leg" She shakes her head at me "no i want to stay and make sure she's okay" i slowly nod my head and remove my hand from her wound. Grabbing the pincers i go into the bullet wound, in the corner of my eye i see Susan's face go pail. I turn to look towards her "Susan go get in the car with no buts" She turns to look at me, opening her mouth to say somthing but she decides against it.  She slowly stands up "Thank you derek" she kisses my cheek and walks back to the car. 

I finish fixing her mum up and lift her to carry her to the car. She was unconcious from all the blood lose. While lifting her into the car Susan moved over to have her mum resting on her. Susan give me a small smile and i shut the door. 

Looking over at Max i see he's still alive and breathing slowly, he'll die within the next couple of minutes due to blood lose. You would think seeing him like this would effect me but i honestly didn't care. I walked over to him "You wrecked my life from the start, all you've ever done is try control my life. Well it's over you've lost Max and in the process your going to lose your life" he lifts his head to look at me "she will never love you" i laughed. That's what he thinks. "She saved my life, think i'm already on the road to gaining her trust and respect the normal way without hurting her" he groaned and started to allow death to take over. His eyes slowly closed and he had his last breath. "Goodbye Bro" I walked inside and grab a blanket off the floor in the living room. Taking it outside i cover his body in respect. He was my brother after all. I carry his body outside and bury him. I pay my respects "Brother i'm sorry it had to come this far, you always got on my nerves but i will miss you annoying me . I wish you weren't so harsh to everyone around you. You treated me like shit and i'm finally free from it. Just sad that i'm only free from it beacuse your no longer here. Wish you the best in your after life. Love you Lil Bro". I start to walk back into the house to wash off and change clothes. Can't believe he's really gone. 

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