Cheeky Smile

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Derek's POV

Slowly lifting her top up, I saw blood running down her side, I wipe the blood with my finger and show her "doesn't look fine to me" she turns her head and stops trying to fight me off. I lift her top up more and saw a bandage around her stomach. As I am undoing it, I feel her soft skin against my fingers which gives me shivers through my whole body. She starts twitching and shaking now and again "what?" I ask she giggles slightly "you've got cold hands" she shouldn't have told me that because I can use that to my advantage. "Well you can warm them up for me them"

Susan's POV

He had a cheeky smile all over his face, what's he up to I start to wonder. He's fingers trail up my stomach and everywhere he touched sent tingles through my body. His hand went further up and reached my chest area. His hands stops and he stares into my eyes. "do you want me to stop!" I looked to my chest and back to his amazing green eyes. "it's okay, you may continue" he smiles and leaned down he looks to my lips and back. I smile as I knew what he wanted to do next. I leaned up and got really lose to his lips to make him think I was going to kiss him but didn't then laid back down. I wanted to tease him which I think worked because after seconds his lips came crashing onto mine. It was such a heated kiss it felt so right. He tasted amazing too I know I shouldn't think that, but I think I'm slightly in love with him because he makes me feel special and no one else does that to me and whenever I don't see him my heart aches.

While we were kissing, I felt his hands moving up again until they reached my bra. We broke the kiss and stared into each other's eyes. He went to my back and I lifted up slightly so he could un-clip it and in seconds my bra was off and on the floor. His soft hands again slowly trailed up my body again and sent chills with it. Was it so bad that I was enjoying this so much, I loved his hands on me? He reached my boobs and slowly cupped them. "perfect hand warmers see" I could feel my cheeks going bright red, so I turned my face slightly to the side. He started to squeeze a little but not to hurt me, more like to pleasure me. He did it more and more until I couldn't handle it anymore and I started to moan. He then started to laugh and smile. "You are cute" he says with a wink. Which leads me to be defensive in an innocent way "Am not" He laughs again and leans in for a kiss, I kiss him back and he slides his tongue, I loved his lips on mine it was like heaven. When we broke the kiss, I was so hot and felt strange but not a good strange then all of a sudden darkness swept over me.

Derek's POV

After the amazing kiss, we broke it and Susan eyes went all wide and started to close. She passed out. I knew it was because of her stomach, she must have been too overwhelmed. I pulled her top up and looked at the mark on her side, I pulled the bandage off and when I saw it, I realised why she had passed out there was blood running down her hip and onto the bed. She had been hurt several times on her hip. Deep too it wasn't a little cut. I started to wonder how the hell she managed to do this. I'll have to ask her in the morning.

I walked into the bathroom and got the first aid box and went back to see her. I took the bloody top of her and put her bra back which was so hard as I had to lift her to clip it back, but I had to, so she didn't feel vulnerable when she woke up. I then went to see her marks. I stitched them back up and bandage them up so they dont tear. When I was finished, I put her on the floor gently, changed the bedding then put her in bed on her side of the bed.

Susan POV

Waking up in Derek's bed I was confused as I didn't remember going sleep or even getting ready for bed. I sat up and saw Derek sleeping next to me in only boxers like always, but I wasn't complaining. I looked down at realised I am in one of Derek's tops and with shorts on too! I was shocked that I was wearing shorts as Derek never put me into shorts. I laid back down and snuggled up to Derek he was always so warm it was so relaxing with his warmth surrounding me I put my head on his chest and I felt his arm come over my side and his hand laid on my back. He pulled me closer and after a couple of minutes I was fast asleep.

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