Fresh Morning Start

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Susan POV

Waking having slept very well rested, I try to climb off the bed when I realise an arm is restricting me, I turn to face a sleeping Derek, he looked so peaceful. I couldn't help but stare, he was so handsome. I saw a smile creep onto his face "You think I'm handsome, Awhh how sweet of you Susan" my face when bright red, I thought I said that in my head not out loud "I thought you was asleep"  I tried to wiggle out of his embrace but he kept his arms tight around me. "I was but I woke up just in time to hear you say that" he pulled me close to him. His face was now hovering above mine. I was staring up at his lips. He liked his bottom lip. I felt my stomach turn, what is he doing to me. 

Derek's POV 

I pulled her closer and raised above her face. I could see her staring at my lips. A little bit of teasing never hurt anyone. I like my bottom lip and I see her fidget a little under me. I lean down and brush past her lips going to her ear "Don't worry I think your beautiful too" I lean up and see her cheeks a bright shade of red. "May I" I saw her eyes dart to my lips and back up to my eyes, she slowly nodded. I leaned slowly down to her lips, kiss her gently. I felt Susan pull me closer and we deepened the kiss. Licking her bottom lip asking for entrance which she eagerly accepted. Our tongues fought for dominance but of course i let her win, which caused her to smile against my lips. I didn't want it to end but I knew we had to breath at some point. 

Pulling away I looked into her eyes and I could feel her chest raising against mine, both our hearts racing. "Round two" I said as a joke but without even responding she grabbed my neck, pulling me closer again. We enjoyed another head kiss, I trailed my hands into the duvet onto her body. Up through my jumper which she was wearing, my hand trailed closer to her breasts and i broke the kiss "May I or would you like me to stop" she breathed in a few breaths "It's okay, go ahead" she gave a small smile and I returned it. Leaning back into the kiss, I reach up and go to the back of her bra strap and she instantly lifts up for me to take it off. removing her bra and throwing it on the floor, i cup her breast and started to play with. Rubbing her nipple in between my fingers, feeling it harden. She moaned against my lips. I moved my lips towards her ear "Shhh you don't want your mum hearing us, do you" she shakes her head. I slowly lift my jumper off her and she allows me to take it off with her top. Her breasts are free and look tasty. I lean down and start to play with one of her nipples with my tongue. She moans unable to control it. She covers her mouth with her hand trying to be quite. With my hand I start to play with her other breast. she grabs the duvet trying to keep her moan at bay. I go faster with my tongue and she moans "Derek, Stop, It's so nice" Oh Susan moan my name again. I continue until i feel her hand go down to her trousers and rub. I smirked "Do you need help there" she looked nervous "Susan if you want to stop then we'll stop" She shakes her head "I don't want to stop, i want to keep going" I move further down the bed and reach her trouser button, looking back up to her "You sure about this Susan" 

Susan's POV

"You sure about this Susan" I heard Derek say. It's so odd but i am so certain i don't want him to stop "Please Derek, continue" she nods his head and undoes my trousers and i lift to help him take them down. I watch his every move. He's so gentle and rough at the same time, it's hot. He cares about my approval too. 

He reaches my pants and slowly drags them down my thighs keeping his eyes on my, like he waiting to see if I back out. Once my pants are completely off and on the floor somewhere he gets his finger and dips it inside, which gives me a little shock of pleasure "Oh Susan your so wet, aren't you naughty" I blush and turn my face to the duvet. I suddenly moan as I feel his finger enter me and going at a fast pace. I didn't know it could feel this good. "Derek, oh god" as he goes faster I can feel myself climaxing "Derek I'm going to cum" I look down to see a grin on his face. it only encourages him more, he goes faster and faster, oh god I'm going to cum "Derek, Derek" I cum all over his fingers. He looks up at me "You've been very naughty Susan look at all this mess, I've got to clean now" I look down embarrassed. He brings his wet fingers to his mouth. What's he doing? He then licks them, how is that turning me on more. He leans down and i feel his tongue run down the opening, he pushes past and his tongue explores every inch of my wet pussy. I reach forward and garb his hair "Oh Derek, that's so nice, play with my G-Spot too" I was shocked that came out my mouth, what is he possibly doing to me, I've never experienced so much pleasure at once, I feel his finger feeling around then he hits my spot. I was wrong now I have never experienced this much pleasure at once. "Don't stop, faster" he massaged my G-spot faster and swirled his tongue in and out of my pussy. "Derek I'm Going to come again" my back curled and my legs tightened "Derek, Derek Oh God, I'm cumin" He liked up my cum then came back and lied next to me. Trying to get out breathing under control again. I turned to Derek and smiled. Suddenly now dying for a wee, I sat up and rushed to the toilet. I heard Derek Chuckle. I went for a wee and decided to get myself cleaned up, I had a shower brushed my teeth and hair and walked out.

When I came back out the bathroom, Derek was already dressed sitting on the now made bed. Once I walked out, Derek looked up at me in only a towel "I'll go to the car and bring in your bags so you can get dressed" I nodded and sat on the bed waiting patiently for him to return. Going into to thought, I thought about  what just happened 'He's a pro' 'I want to feel it all over again' 'Wait, did my mum hear us'. Coming out my thoughts I see Derek coming back in with my bags. "Thank you Derek" he smiles "no worries, while your sorting out your clothes, bin any you don't like as I know my brother chose some very inappropriate ones" I crouch down to look inside the bags, forgetting I don't have a choice in what I can wear, my face drops and feel sad again. 

Derek's POV

I watch as Susan looks through the bags, she stops looking through the bags and her face drops "Susan what you thinking about" she turns towards me but isn't looking at me "nothing, just remembered something that's all" I walk over to her which caused her to look at me with a hint of fear in her eyes. "what did you remember?" she looks back down to the floor "you need to pick my outfit"  I crouch down to her level and lift her chin, I gently place a kiss on her lips "Susan there are no rules in this house, you can wear what you want and do what you want. It's not an order but I would like you to try settle here"  she stares into my eyes, like she's waiting for me to say I'm joking.

Susan's POV

Was he really being serious, I just stared at him waiting for him to laugh or start talking again but he doesn't. "You being serious Derek" he nods his and I instantly pull him into a hug "Thank you, you don't know what this means to me"

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