Sleeping With Derek

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I turned away from the door and looked over at Derek "ooo looks like someone's getting back together, knew you would eventually" suddenly I was snapped out the fantasy I was in and remembered all the horrible things he did to me and my mum. "NO, I'm never getting back with that monster". Derek started laughing, I was so confused. "what's so funny" he stopped laughing and looking slightly annoyed "don't start being bitchy because I quite easily change Max's mood and get him to be horrible again. Besides your only way out of here is to be with Max for the rest of your life" At that last sentence my heart dropped. "Night, I'm going bed" just as I pulled the cover back and was about to climb in, Derek spoke stopping me "your forgetting something Susie" turning around, I kissed him on the lips quickly and started to climb in bed. "And don't call me that!". I just hear him laughing, I turn back around and give him a confused expression. "Susie that's not what you forgot" I was so embarrassed, I kissed him for no reason. I went so red in the face "awe is little Susie getting embarrassed". I quickly hid my cheeks in my hands "shut up and what have I forgot then" can't believe i kissed him when i never needed to " don't be rude or I'll call Max back in here and tell him you snogged me out of place." How could he do that? I'm so stupid? I would definitely be punished for that "okay I'm sorry but what have I forgot to do" I didn't argue because last time I didn't believe him, he went and proved me wrong. "good thought you would be. You forgot to get changed misses" I thought I had gotten away with it. "please could you pass me the top" he handed me the top. He just stood there staring at me "could I get changed in the bathroom please"  Please say yes. " No, I don't trust you" I felt so embarrassed I had no privacy. "But I haven't lost that privilege pleasee I'll be like a minute." "well your sleeping in my room which means MY rules, now get changed, and stop annoying me" I sighed "Can you at least turn around please, just for a minute." he looked at me with annoyance, I felt like he was getting ready to hit me "fine one minute that's all you have". "thank you so much". He turned around and I started getting undressed as fast as I could, taking my trousers and top off leaving me in my bra and knickers. I grab the top off the bed and was about to put it over my head until he turned around I literally covered by private areas with the top, "DEREK! turn around" he walked closer "times up Susie" he was only a couple of steps away from me, I pulled the top over my head as fast as I could and darted over to the bed and climbed in "that wasn't a minute, you pedo."He walked over to the bed and pulled the duvet off me. "WHAT I want to go to sleep" he just laughed at me and looked me up and down, I pulled the top down to cover my pants as it wasn't long enough. "say that again I dare you! And see what I'll do" I frowned "that wasn't a minute you pe-" before I finished, I realised I wasn't in the suitable situation to challenge him. "Go on finish it" he said smirking. I looked down to the bed and avoided eye contact "that's what I thought Susie" he started laughing which only annoyed me.

I gave him a death stare for laughing at me "please can I go sleep now" why does he love getting under my skin "yes you may but you can't have cover unless you sleep closer to my side of the bed" I can sleep without duvet, who am i kidding I can't sleep with no duvet I'd be freezing, I moved over a couple of cm "there can I go sleep now" "course you can go bed but not with duvet until you move over more than a few cm!". He said with giving me a serious look, I could tell he wasn't impressed. I was so tired that I couldn't be arsed to argue I moved over to halfway on the bed. "THERE, now can I please go sleep, I'm so tired" he looked and me with no emotion at all "not until you stop with the attitude and give me a good night kiss." I was getting more tired by the second and getting really annoyed with everything he's doing. "please may I go bed now Derek" he smirked as he loved the attention, I give him. "kiss first misses" I really don't want to, all i want to do is go sleep, I decide to turn onto my side with my back facing him. I felt him climb onto the bed, I guess he's letting me off. 

Until I suddenly felt him grab onto my shoulder and pull me onto my back "kiss now" I was literally falling asleep I couldn't keep my eyes open. I feel a weight lower onto my stomach, I try to open my eyes but before I could open them fully Derek crashed his lips onto mine and we went into a deep kiss, he even slipped his tongue in, I was trying to push him off me but it was useless, I was too tired to do anything. After a minute or so he broke the kiss "see not hard Susie" I moaned and asked him again "can I go bed now, I'm literally falling asleep." he smiled and climbed off me, "course beautiful" I sighed in relief "thank you" he put the duvet over me and I cuddled it, just before I drifted off to sleep he put his arm around my waist and pulled me closer, I just moaned and before I could think or do anything I fell into a deep sleep.

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