The Brother

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I was brought to reality when I had this weird feeling I wasn't alone, I quickly scanned the room but didn't see anyone in sight. Looking around the room i realised it was nice, much bigger then the room i had at my mums house and i had the bigger room to fit all my clothes in. I stopped looking around when i heard quite whispering, turning to look where the whispering was coming from, i couldn't see anyone. The voices got louder and i suddenly saw two figures come into view. I moved as far back on the bed as the handcuffs would let me. I watched as they came closer. The closer they got i started realise who they were.

It was Max and his older brother, Derek. I only met his older brother a few times at the family meals, Max's mum and dad had every year, the family meal I was made to go to with Max when we were together. Derek broke the silence "Hello, Susan how are you?" which just made me angry. "How am I? Oh I'm fine just had my mum killed two days ago but I'm absolutely fine!". I responded in a bitter tone  "Fuck off Derek". He started to walk towards me "Now now, don't be like that. I don't want to have to be mean now, do I". He started stroking my face. "DONT TOUCH ME" which made Derek smirk and look over to Max "Was she always this feisty". They both laugh to each other "she'll get used to having us around and learn the rules".

I rolled my eyes and turned over, facing away from them both. I closed my eyes and tried to ignore the fact they were in my presence. Until I felt a hand grab my shoulder and forcefully push me back, lying on my back with a tight grip locked on my neck, while pushing me against the headboard. It all happened so quick, i couldn't fight the person off. I looked up to see who it was. The one and only Max "you misses need to learn how to speak and act round us, or your privileges are being taken away. Do you understand?" My eyes full of tears as my vision started to blur. My eyes start to close until I suddenly felt a harsh impact to my cheek bringing me back. "I'm so-rry, pl-ea-see Ma-x" Max slowly lets me down with a smirk on his face "good, glad you do!"

Derek made his way over to my side of the bed, I tried to move away but was restricted by the handcuff. Fear overcame me, time for his punishment "pleasee don't, I'm sorry, I won't do it again" I said shaking with pure fear. He comes over and pulls me back towards him but to my surprise he doesn't pull me rough at all. He just places a soft kiss on my forehead. "You have lost the privilege to sleep on your own for the night as you were so rude and disrespectful" I looked at him in pure horror. "Pleasee no I'm so sorry" he shook his head "don't make it any worse, just do as you're told". I wanted to argue back but instead I just nodded to prevent making it any worse. I have no idea what they are capable of making me do.

It went completely silent until Max spoke up "are you hungry?" I didn't know if it was a trick question or not. I knew I had to be kind and respectful from now on, I didn't want to experience that again, it was horrifying . I felt like my life was slipping away through his finger and I had no control over it. "No, I'm ju- sst tired" Derek came up to me I thought I did something wrong "no no please I'm sorry, what did I do?" he raised his hand I closed my eyes ready for the impact. "Susan I'm not going to hit you for no reason, I'm just undoing your handcuff" he cupped my cheek and I sighed in relief, opening my eyes. Derek untied my handcuff and I rubbed my wrist which was bright red from the tightness of the handcuff. I sat up and stayed quite rubbing my sore wrist.

Max came over and harshly grabbed my wrist which caused me to wince in pain "owww you're hurting me Max" I tried to pull my wrist back, which only made it worse as Max tightened his grip and pulled my wrist back which caused me to fall from the bed onto the hard laminate. I felt Max's hand strew up in my hair pulling me back up, I screamed with tears streaming down my face. He shoved me up against the wall pushing all his body weight onto me, as he was bigger and muscular compared to me it felt like I was being crushed. He always loved to see me hurting or in pain he found it satisfying. "You shouldn't have done what you did misses, I'm going to have so much fun punishing you for it!" My eyes grew wide and I replayed the day I left.

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