Hating Derek

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Susan's POV

Waking up I felt strange, I felt like I was in a completely different bed, this can't be Derek's it has a different feeling. I turned around and saw Max, I turned back around, I was so shocked, my thoughts when crazy 'What happened last night?' 'Did he take advantage of me?' I recalled last night and remembered everything that happened, Derek and his ex are back together. I started to cry and tried so hard to not wake Max up, the last thing I need is for him to have ago at me especially when I feel like this. I heard someone moaning at the back of me I turn around and see Max waking up he turns to look at me. He moves closer to me. Oh no I'm in trouble "I'm so sorry Max" he lifted his hand up I looked down to the bed ready for the hit, but it never came. I slowly looked up and he put his finger on my lips to shush me. "it okay, I understand Derek's hurt you" after he said that he pulled me into a hug. I cried into his shoulder, I needed this.

After he let go, he spoke up "right we'll have a relaxed day today", I was so happy "thank you so much Max" after that I kissed him on the lips, and he kissed me back. I broke the kiss and went all excited. My mood has shot up all thanks to Max.

Max's POV

I knew exactly how to get her to love me again and I am going to be the nicest I can today to prove to her I'm not always an asshole. "right go in your bedroom get changed and meet me in the kitchen" she nodded and jumped up with excitement. "Susan wait!" she turned back "Yes Max" I needed to make sure Derek couldn't get her back again. "if you run into Derek ignore him, okay!" she looked straight into my eyes "yea I will, dont worry I hate him right now! I'll ignore and walk past" I was so shocked how quickly she answered and that she didn't try to refuse. "thank you, now run along and hurry. I'll be in the kitchen making breakfast" She smiled and opened the door and hurried out.

I got out of bed and headed to my wardrobe to get changed, I'm going to wear jeans and a nice top. I hope she wears something nice to annoy Derek, I know a 100% he'll try talk to her and say sorry.

Susan's POV

I left Max's room and headed to mine, I reached my room with no sign or Derek, thank god. I seriously hate him right now and I hope I dont see him because it will hurt so much as all it will do is remind me of last night, how he was out all night with his ex. I may be jealous, but he can't go touching me up then the next day be going back to his ex and doing the same to her. I won't let him lay a single hand on me in that way anymore. I'd rather be beaten up. I turned my door handle and walked in, then shut the door again. 

When I turned around a was so shocked to find the woman from last night in my room only wearing a towel which meant she was slept with Derek, naked. I wiped the thought out my head, I walked closer and ask "umm... can I help you?" she laughed and got up off my bed "yea u sure can, you perthitic bitch" I was so surprised, how can she talk to me like that. She dont even know me. "what the fuck, get out!" I was annoyed right now, thinking she can come in my room and treats me like shit, what an absolute bitch. She made her way over to me "I wouldn't talk to me like that dear because I can quite easily get my dear friend Max to punish you for it and I'm sure you already know what he's like" I looked to the floor and back up, I had to watch what I said now because I like Max like this and I dont want to ruin his good mood. "I'm sorry, is there anything, I can help with?" She knew how to get under my skin I hated it. "Yes, there is, could you please keep your filthy hands off my man!" I was so confused and shocked. "I'm sorry I didn't know he had a girlfriend until now, I will stay away from him" she laughed and went to walk out, she opened the door but before she exited, she spoke again "Good! If I see you with him, then you know what will happen" She made me shiver. I was so glad she was gone I hated her already. All I could think was 'Why Derek never told me about his girlfriend?' I come out of thoughts and hurried over to my wardrobe and found something to wear. I finally picked after about 15minutes it was so much to choose from It was so hard. Some were too revealing for my liking and I hope I'll never wear them but there were so many nice ones. I've just gone with grey jeans with rips on the knee's and a white crop top with a black Supply and Demand jacket. They must not be poor because they live in a massive house and all wear dead expensive clothes. Like I bet this jacket was at least £60 on its own. 

I hurried to the bathroom and quickly washed my face and teeth before heading down to the kitchen. I bet Max is going to be wondering where I was, I've been ages. I got to the kitchen, the kitchen is so nice its white and black tiledgoing around the whole of the kitchen and the cooker was the biggest cooker I've seen in my whole life, it had about 15 different sized hobs on it. Even the light in the kitchen was amazing, they were in the celling and can change colours, they even had a disco setting. There were about 7 lights in the celling. Then there was the best part of the kitchen the black marble island in the middle of the kitchen it glittered in the light. It was so nice it's what I've always wanted in my dream kitchen, it has bar stool around the outside or one side then other it had a wine storage and fridge cooler.

 I stopped looking round and my eyes landed on Max he was wearing Black tight jeans which looked so good on him and showed the shape of his muscle legs, he also wore this white t-shirt which was plain but went with his outfit perfect. He looked so hot in what he was wearing. He never use to dress like this when we were going out before. His changed his appearance he's got muscular and wears so much nicer clothes. Before I could stop starring, he noticed "enjoying the view over there" I broke my stare and looked away and hid my cheeks because I could feel them going bright red. I spoke to try hide my embarrassment "what are you making" I walked in and the smells hit me. 

The smell of yummy and my favourite breakfast. It smelt so good I couldn't wait to eat it. "no no PANCAKES seriously, there my absolute favourite" I was now jumping with excitement then when I was finished, I hugged him so tight. It was nice though because his muscular arms rapped round me and he squeezed me back. We broke the hug "sit while I cook the rest" I did as he asked and sat down, I felt so bad sitting and letting him do all the work. "is there anything I can help you with?" He turned to me and smiled "you're not good at sitting doing nothing, are you" he said with a small laugh at the end. "No, I can't I need to help with something, I feel useless" I said with a smile back. He looked at the pan then looked at me "have u ever cooked a pancake" I went red in the face. "no, I normal just eat them" He laughed and walked up to me and grabbed my hand and lead me over to the cooker. "right pour some of the mixture in the pan slowly" I laughed and did as he asked, I got the scoop and slowly carried it over the pan I spilt it a little which led me to going red in the face. When I poured it in it spat oil back out and straight onto my hand which caused me to say "owww that hurt" He looked at my face then to my hand and leant down and kissed it. "thank you, it feels better already" I said with a huge smile on my face. He smiled back and then looked back to the pan. "this is the difficult bit now you got to flip it" I looked at him so confused. "how am I supposed to do that" he came and stood behind me and guided me through it slowly, first we picked up the flippy thing then we put in under the pancake, lifted it and flipped it. I was so happy to have done it. I flipped my first pancake. "Well done you did it" I laughed "I couldn't have done it without you though" I then reached up and kissed his cheek. We put the pancake on the plate and sat down on the island. We grabbed a pancake each and I poured loads of syrup on mine and he put lemon and sugar on his. "try it with syrup" he looked at me and shook his head "Eww no thanks" I cut a little piece and put it on my fork and said "pleasee try it, I think you'll like it" I sat there for a couple of seconds starring into my eyes then replied "only if you try some of mine" I looked at his "but but.." before I could finish he spoke again "then I won't try yours" I gave him evils then said "fine but you first" he laughed and said "no no same time then no one can back out" he knew me to well it was annoying. "finee" we swapped forks "1,2,3" we both ate it. I was so shocked with how nice his was. But judging by his face he didn't like mine. "did you not like that" I said laughing my head off. He got off his chair and walked over to me and picked me up through me over his shoulder "heyy put me down" we went into the living room and he put me on the sofa. Then next thing I know he's on top of me straddling me. What's he planning to do was all I kept thinking.

Then out of nowhere he starts to tickle my sides and it unbearable "noo pleasee stop, noo" I can't take it, I'm so ticklish it's unreal. All he said was "say sorry and say I'm the best" I miss this, I miss him winding me up and teasing me. "noo never" he gave this evil smile "you sure" he then looked me up and down "yeaa I'm sure, I'll never surrender" He laughs, he started to tickle harder and faster but then he tickled me under my arms, thats the worst place to get tickled " okay okayy" he carried on "say it" I couldn't take it anymore it tickled so much "sorry for making you eat my pancake" he just laughed and said "And.." I had tears in my eyes I was laughing too much "And you're the best" he finally stopped and had such a huge smile on his face. "there we go wasn't that hard was it" I leaned up and kissed his lips, he leaned down still kissing, his hands went to my face cupping it and my hands went into his hair. I've missed this so much. Moments like these make you forget all the bad stuff. I didn't want the kiss to end, I pushed myself closer to him and our tongues danced together. It was heaven.

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